Recession-Proofing Your Career: How Marketable Are You and How Do You Know?

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Too many people are caught short thinking they have marketable assets and, in fact, don’t. Here’s what to do.

Recession-Proofing Your Career: Who Knows About You?

00:00 Introduction
00:32 How to test your beliefs about your marketability Part 1
00:45 The mistake most people make
01:08 What’s your responsibility?
01:29 How to test your beliefs about your marketability Part 2
01:53 Once you know, what should you do?
02:09 Outro

Recession-Proofing Your Career: Step Up

Hi! I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and people hire me for no BS career advice globally. To recession-proof your career involves a number of different things. And one thing is to understand how marketable you are. Will the market buy what you have to offer? And I have to say, how do you know that? How have you tested your beliefs about your marketability?

Have you spoken to any recruiters? Have you spoken with any hiring managers and other organizations who happen to use similar skills, or similar experiences to what you perform?

You see, most people go through their careers, and they live in a bubble. And the bubble basically says to them, “Oh, you’re a very valuable employee and we really need you” until we don’t. Then they discover the hard way that the market really doesn’t value what they have to offer.

Your responsibility as the CEO of your family, of your wife, husband, partner, kids, dog, cat, everyone in your life, is to make sure you remain marketable and you don’t get pigeonholed into careers that no one really values.

Once you have a sense of that, then you have to rectify deficiencies proactively, even if that means reaching into your own pocket and working to solve the problem because the market will be unforgiving of you if you haven’t taken the time.

And you can read about it. But you’re only going to get partial information. Talk to five recruiters every six months. They don’t have to be the same ones. Talk to five recruiters. Speak to a number of different coaches. Maybe not so many coaches, but a couple of coaches that you trust to talk about your marketability.

So I hope you found this helpful. I’m Jeff Altman. At my website,, if you’d like me to coach you, you can schedule time for a paid coaching session with me. If you’re not sure, you can schedule a time for a free discovery call. We’ll get acquainted. I’m not going to coach then. We’re just going to get have a conversation and figure out whether I could help.

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Recession-Proofing Your Career: Become More Visible


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