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By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Putting your resume together is one of the least favorite things people need to do at the beginning of their search. I can tell by how much procrastination people go through.

My guest, Matt Warzel, and I discuss making it much easier.

How Far Back Should My Resume Go?


Hi I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. and welcome to JobSearchTV.com or No BS

Job Search Advice Radio whichever way you’re taking in the content today as

those of you who’ve known me for a while know, from time to time I bring on an

expert that’s some element the job search because I know you’re tired of

listening to my voice all the time and today I have Matt Moore Zell on who is

excuse me if I read this but he’s a CPA. RW which is a certified professional

resume writer career coach and now placement expert with more than 15 years

in HR and experienced with career advancement techniques working with

recruitment and staffing teams across a variety of industries and what he does

is create resumes that allow employers to see a person’s assets while

highlighting his or her accomplishments

my pleasure what is it we’re where are you right now on zoom’ what’s behind you

Oh glad you asked I didn’t want to pitch the Masters golden Bell here I had no

intentions of pitching it even though we didn’t get a chance to see it live this

year in the spring we’ll see the fall it’ll be just as good and when I hear

about pitching I think of growing up in the Bronx hey Yankee Stadium I have a

friend whose dad pitched for the Indians but that’s a different conversation so

back to the topic yeah so you know here we are we’re recording this during the

global pandemic and you know resumes are hard enough for most people to write let

alone during complicated times like what we’re going through

what goes into a great resume in your opinion glad yes I would say without

getting too too detail-oriented do you quit things first it’s gotta look good

you got to have something aesthetically pleasing that way our managers aren’t

looking at it going I don’t know where one thing starts where one thing ends I

can’t tell synched work Xtreme yadda yadda so make sure it looks good

professional works better than a lot of the infographic kind of creative resumes

in the long run if you are someone who’s maybe in graphic design feel free to be

a little more playful but if you are more on the lines of a business

professional where scientific academia even Seabees keep them black and white

keep them professional maybe add some bold spent ala sized words to kind of

switch it up but that’s about it don’t do any bells and whistles like orders in

boxes and things that can bog down the applicant tracking systems is as cool as

they might look it could become a heading for the recruiters that’s a good

interruption for some because you said something is interesting and then you

talked about creative fields and having using infographic resumes and other more

creative approaches what’s the problem with that for other people for civilians

using that well in the biggest the biggest roadblock is those applicant

tracking systems I remember as a recruiter when I’m taking content from a

resume and let’s say it’s you know it’s somebody who’s got a lot of the text on

the left-hand side going down and boxes on the right-hand side might have a

formula of experience section and then you got some more page breaks and then

there’s an education in the bottom right and up here is a content it’s fine if it

looks cool but when I’m taking this and. I’m a recruiter that has a thousand of

these things that get through this week and I’m trying to get you into my

applicant tracking system where I’m gonna monitor you as a candidate maybe

look for you in the future as a viable candidate when I go to take that

information and put it into the system it’s gonna get jumbled because now your

contact information might have an email above your experience and then your

phone’s down here and it makes for a mish-mosh of annoyance and sometimes I

know from personal experience if I wasn’t able to take these credentials

and get him into my sis load them in quick enough if I’m

struggling if the candidate is a so-so candidate already now I’m just not

dealing with them so now they’re on now they’re on the floor and they’ll never

be in my system it’s it’s a hard rule that you got it you got to play the game

and play it correctly so recruiters aren’t racking their brains trying to

see if you’re a valid candidate the last thing they want to do is get bogged down

when they’re in a flow exactly with you about this and folks I’ll just simply

say we’re crews got a tough job I know you hate them that’s a given but you

don’t want to be that annoyance who they now have the word process lots of

content from your resume and did you take any time away from helping you and

all the other use out there that are trying to find work and want them to

help find work you’re trying them into a word processor that’s not what you want

them to be doing you want them to be out there finding something or filming

something for their client hopefully with you right make it easy it’s

interesting you know as you were talking it almost sounds like our habit is to

think in terms of the paper resume right but but we don’t work with paper resumes

very often anymore do it no if that’s exactly where my head went when you just

said that explanation is that we it’s the same thing goes with the old adage

you got to have one page well let’s see you’re a 30-year operations manager

that’s for 20 of those years at a production facility and ten before that

in the military and you’re trying to go for a federal job you’re telling me that

military experience be left off now because it can go into two pages no we

scroll now all we do is scroll so you can have a little bit longer of material

don’t for the people either keep it punctual and keep it you know exciting

if you will but no one’s going door to door with a paper resume in a suitcase

going can I see the hire manager you’re called creepy now that’s not the 70s you

know there are telecommunicator communicative powers-that-be that allow

us to call email do this stop zoom I mean it’s insane it’s everything you

could possibly do other than beam me up. Scotty so let’s play the game

workers expect you to a follow the rules and go through the applicant tracking

system and upload your stuff and apply through the portal and then B if you

have a way to network your way now you now you have a double-edge kind of way

to get in somewhere so play the game accordingly don’t be cute and try to you

know make this piece of paper that is not gonna get printed ever anywhere be

the reason why you have a template that you’re using think in terms of its

online it will be fine if it’s called number one you want to be found by

someone and there you go number two is you don’t want to be a

distraction to them because for those of you were in non creative fields you wind

up in a situation where the design is going to get in the way of what you want

them to accomplish and often the systems that you’re applying for jobs for and by

the way folks never ever apply for a job through an applicant tracking system but

if you want to go ahead and do it I’m not gonna drive to your home and stop

you it’s not a preferred way of doing it eventually a hiring manager will tell

you it could upload the resume so this way we can follow you in our system I’m

a believer you do the backdoor wherever you can so this way you cut the line no

one wants to stay a little long line right so we want to be in they’re

getting their stuff in front of the people who really make the decision not

the technical technical filters they’re referred to as a black hole resumes go

in and never come out exactly a recruiters they live more in that world

the HR manager or the hire managers they are more with getting something via

email getting someone from who they know shuffling someone something their way

versus them going into these systems because the recruiters usually live in

there so hiring managers they’re excited to get a candidate I think it’s someone

from a networking group that’s here’s a resume of this welder that you need

really good union welder and they’re hi. Rangers like he gets excited here’s a

union. I got for the spot I’m trying to find

now I’m gonna kick this over to my recruiter and tell him put this in the

80s second tracking system and set up the interview so these hiring managers

they’re chomping at the bit to get a referral so they can move on to their

projects and not be stopped at the end of the day at [4:45] every day looking at

resumes it’s the last thing they want to do I’ve been in the room with these

people and they are already annoyed by the productivity numbers of the day

they’ve been dealing with they don’t want to be dealing with 10 resumes and

who they’re gonna bring in and gotta train them again so recruiters are there

to help kind of ease that burden for the hire managers and be a resource to find

good candidates so be I’ma be on the good side of everyone involved but

you’re right it’s who you know is it’s never gonna not be it’s always a

tried-and-true test back door figure out someone right and when you write resumes

folks I know you don’t know how to write a resume

cuz I’ve read thousands hundreds of thousands I’ll be talking about now we

were able to quantify over three-quarters of a million resumes I’ve

reviewed and I know there are a lot more than that’s as many as we would so I

know how bad most of your resumes are so. I’m just gonna point out to you it’s

probably not a good idea if you write it or I’m not doing this as a commercial

format and Lord knows most of you know I don’t write resumes I critique them I

don’t write them but hire someone to do it for you so it doesn’t look like the

garbage I tend to see most of the time so what goes into the resume in general

what what should these people have available their name of course I don’t

need your full address anymore it’s a little you know privacy issues these

days neck goes with references please take references off your resume with

privacy issues online and stuff less is more with contacts so email phone if you

want to do city state that’s fine if you have approaches to pro tip yeah if you

have preferred location out here in. Michigan and you want to live in

California and you absolutely are not living in Michigan you’re

you’re on the move out you’re just trying to find it then get rid of the

city in state or you can put in relocating to Los Angeles California to

top and then I was like LinkedIn I like it because it’s an online portfolio of

yourself and it’s somewhere that they can access a digital version if they

don’t have a PDF for words at so it’s good and that’s going you know

piggybacking off of that I like to emulate my LinkedIn profiles with my

resumes I think it’s not a great idea when a hiring manager looks at someone

from LinkedIn and says I like this person and the recruiter goes well we

had them here last week and you didn’t like them why are these two whereas this

one person have two different stories so. I kind of liked the idea of keeping your

LinkedIn professional emulated off the resume and let your cover letter be a

little bit more of a personal personality side of things so with that

contact info and then below the contact. I like a summary still I like a three

statement type summary three sentences one telling them what you are how many

years experience and where the main kind of – three things that you focus on so

if you’re an Operations leader with ten years experience in the let’s say you

know manufacturing space because you know you want to emphasize your industry

maybe you just want to stick around in there with with ten years experience

manufacturing focusing on what do you do is may effect as a operations manager

your view of your leading teams processes projects facilities you know

whatever and then the next sentence can be a nice little Wow type of thing that

you can say that shows how easy you can slip it in this new role and then the

final thing is similar to an objective although we don’t say the word objective

but I still like saying hey solutions oriented team builders seeking to

leverage background into an Operations leadership role within the manufacturing

industry period now they’re saying this person knows what the heck they want to

do and they aren’t going to waste your time the hire manager by not knowing

what the heck they want to do or how they’re not gonna fit into this and

offer value to the hire manager while resolving those pain points as to why

they have a darn thing open do you have an idea

when African tracking systems are evaluating resumes these things how far

down the resume page 1 they’re thinking in terms of deep expertise you know what

I mean yeah it’s well and it’s interesting I mean I personally am NOT

on the forefront of understanding all the updates that go in some of these

ATSs I’ll be the first to admit that some of these keyword percentage

trackers and those types of things you see online I think it could be a I think

there can be a bit discrepancy sometimes from some of those sometimes they’re

just the weight of them saying hey you need a new resume come visit us we’ll

redo it for you here’s why here’s all these percentages of not matching and

this thing the other thing again goes back to finding someone you know and

being a leverage that network in that relationship to be able to send them

your resume and say here’s why I’m a fit regardless of maybe the ATS is scoring

you low because of certain words missing or what have you

let’s not overwhelm the listeners your best bet is to if you want to match with

words look at the job description find some words that are missing try to

sprinkle those into your resume so that way you might add a little bit of

advantage with these percentage things but in the long run a recruiter I know

as personal experience I’m going right for the resume I’m Laurie for the

experience what do you been doing can you slide in this role I’m not worried

about it the word MS Office suite ain’t listed under sub a because of my

tracking system it’s still a human the human thing that’s gonna hire you and

they know what they’re looking for so don’t get too bogged down by some of

those online percentage things those ranking things there’s I wish I had a

better answer as far as some of this some of these ATS is that you know well

let you know what they’ve updated and how they’re functioning but I just I

don’t have a firm grasp on some of that. I tend to think of the first three

quarters of page one being the most important part of the document so that

in this way the system sees it early so that part of the resume needs to be

keyword rich and related to the role I want to be clear about related to the

role because otherwise if it’s sprinkled on the bottom of page two that looks

like other experience in the system and they devalue it even a human looking at

it sees it for jobs back on the bottom of page two or the top of page three who

was Frankie for the two pages where you can folks but I know certain types of

resumes have to go longer but still try and get the keywords early related to

the individual role exactly because finding bingo

because when systems when people are looking at your resume what they’re

looking for is to fill a job with the experience that they need and thus you

want to zero in on the things that matter to them not just everything

exactly yet Jack and Jill’s of all trades are that that idea is gone I mean

that’s that’s well dated at this point you want to be someone who’s Miche know

what you’re gonna do and how you’re gonna function in this world of you know

this new company and again like you said the this is what I preach to my to my

clients is it’s about the value added not not so much and obviously not the

tasks we’re way beyond that we’re more these accomplishment type things these

pars you know here’s a problem here’s an action if there’s a result and this kind

of speaks to how you want to set your experience sentences but so take this

accomplishment that you might think okay. I’m someone who doesn’t have much

metrics attached to my job yeah but you’re still cutting a cost you’re still

saving money somewhere you’re still improving a process somewhere and these

are what I call business quantifiers if you can take your sentence and turn it

from a task base into an accomplishment and then moreover turn it into a value

of something that’s tangible it’s gonna be more impactful as a statement rather

than saying took care of scheduling and communications for the office no no I

mean there’s some important stuff that goes into that and try to figure out

what those important business quantifiers are so then that way each of

your sentences is set up more towards value idea value added idea and and an

even better of an accomplishment and when I

and just using the example that you just did I think for example on that ran the

office example and did so at 22 percent improvement over my predecessor in the

role yeah I like that so it’s money saved money earned yeah a metric of some

sort yeah and it can be a comparison between

you and another individual or the mean for the function like call centers the

classic on this yeah I handle 12% more calls than the median a medium called

the midpoint for call center operators in my organization yep it puts you in

the higher percentile so that they can go no exactly right the customer says

fail and that’s even even you can compare to a former employer or you can

even do year-over-year I’ve seen euro beers for sales folks too you know hey

drove revenue an extra five hundred thousand over last year so these are

things you can be thinking and you don’t need to get extremely detailer in some

of my merchandising people god bless them they I mean don’t give me shrink

percentage that are 0.76 I you know let’s just be a bear minding your

audience they’re quick they’re trying to make moves sprinkling some valid US and

some data that really shows some numbers because as visual people humans we see

numbers on a resume were like oh good they’re thinking bottom line this is

what I like because as an employer in the 21st century

I’m worried about my bottom line I’m not worried about I just I don’t

blunt about it but I’m not worried about it was a person right now I’m worried

about my bottom line are you gonna save you money or cost me money now the human

culture and the applet that kind of aspect plays into it don’t get me wrong

there’s some companies that still want to emphasize that and I think that’s

important but a lot of times most companies are looking at you is okay you

know Koster say are you cost me money you’re gonna hurt me money let’s let’s

get down to this and brass tacks so and. I’m from a high or a square peg is this

person square peg no well no goodbye they were

out the door and I always think in terms of you know

when you’re communicating with an organization what’s the message that

you’re trying to send to them what I trying to get across to them and one

thing is always real clear to me is you want to be the person that looks like

it’s a no-brainer interview this person yeah there’s no effort that goes into it

and you know there’s a classic statistic we’ve all seen how long does someone

look at a resume before making a adult decision seconds and I used to do it in

four four seconds was trying to get to the experience words yes unless there’s

a pre-filter where okay it requires a master’s and you have a bachelor’s

workers will do that because it’s it’s if they have no way of negotiating this

with the hire manager because maybe insurance purposes or whatever they’ll

still look at you and say okay he’s got a bachelor’s move on she’s got a

bachelor’s move on because it requires a master’s those types of things I think

will streamline their process of filtering but most the time don’t feel

like you as a candidate are a good candidate because maybe it says

bachelors required maybe it says bachelors the third or relatable

experience so find those little nuances of where they’re able to negotiate with

the hiring manager because recruiters we want to get the field position quick so

anytime we can wiggle our way into finding a better or even you know more

candidates that could be fit it will work so the good recruiters will find a

person that’s professional and look at their succession possibilities and make

it and actually somewhat navigate them into a role that they might not even

know they were good fit for so find yourself a good recruiter that I work

for free because we should be working for free to be billing the clients not

our billing the company’s not not the candidates the clients but and then you

know have them try to lean on them a little bit for what kind of work can you

do and I love this reminding people about

who will work for free now folks I must remind you of who

recruiters work for and they work for an employer because those are the ones that

pay them they write the check and thus you know I remind folks of that because

there’s the tendency to use phrases like my recruiter as though this person works

for them and I know on some level you know this but there’s the other level

where recruiters you know they cast the hook and into your mouth and they just

slowly reel in I know because I used to do it it was easy yeah you’re right I

mean unless you’re in and you know unless you’re at the point where you’re

you’re ahead on an type of candidate maybe your CEO bouncing between his high

level you know there are certain positions where you could vouch for a

retainment firm but yes we’re talking 95 percent of the population should be just

using local staffing and recruiting firms a regional and and let them do the

work for you I found every recruiting role through another recruiter so back

when I used to do that fabulous yeah getting in through the back door yeah

I’m glad you like that concept do you have some suggestions to folks how to

get in through the back door I think I think I have a couple strategies I would

say the one that seems most popular is using like a LinkedIn LinkedIn is

fascinating now with just how expansive it’s gotten with in terms of decision

makers and out there I find a good technique is to take a company let’s

find target company number one when you in the more the merrier in your case if

you can find target companies even better so take a target company where’s

the location if it’s you know near your house

even better now you have an actual spot you’re trying to do go on the linkedin’s

of the world that I believe it’s rocket rocket something or other heads

it’s online on Google I use to find contact information but there’s plenty

of spots out there that will offer it up for free if you can kind of navigate the

search strings but they’ll offer up context information emails and phone

numbers so look for a company go on. LinkedIn search some people within that

company that work at that facility and within your respected job if you will or

Department and then utilize maybe some cold emailing a drop a line was

something one of the people that might be a good entrance into trying to find

some decision-makers there and drop them a cold email saying hey you mind if I

give you a get to get a virtual cup of coffee and you know just kind of pick

your brain for a few minutes I’ve got some skills I think might present well

with what you have at your organization and I noticed some jobs opening on the

line that I look like a decent fit for maybe you can introduce me to someone

there and a lot of times people are willing to kind of do some free help

whether they want to spend time with you on a call or maybe those give you the

information right away but if you’re cordial about it quick and maybe

offering a some sort of incentive to them which would be another whole nother

conversation but you know again it’s always nice to be able to just not be

taking you want to give me too I’m just like at networking events but and then

use that backdoor way of through these companies to figure out a decision-maker

or maybe even a recruiter within that department that’s online that can

directly get you to the higher managers in that department

again LinkedIn indeed is gonna be a little bit trickier but zoom info

there’s a psyche I wish I could get the rocket one to rocket something but

there’s a few out there you know there’s information out there to be had so folks

one of the things that’s talking about our Chrome extensions that will allow

you to find email addresses and sometimes phone numbers for hiring

managers to identify friend LinkedIn is more generous with information priority

connection so before you use these take a first look to see if you have access

to the email address or phone number of the person that you’re trying to locate

and then look for Chrome extensions and just do a search for LinkedIn

information and they’re at least a half a dozen I could think of but I’m not up

to date on them either for the other qualities because some of them have come

and gone some of them are better or worse than others right now so look for

these Chrome extensions you can direct message them and spend money on an email

you can call them up and get to the hiring manager directly by phone

whatever it is just reach out to folks and don’t just go in through the front

door the applicant tracking system the back door is the direct connection with

a decision maker or someone in the organization who can point for the

decision maker exactly and not to confuse anyone but one last little

technique I used personally to target HR managers for different programs let’s

say the persons at abc.com and you go online and you type in the word email

space at abc.com then they’re gonna have a bunch of stuff

come up skim through there some on somewhere online someone went to an

event where they listed an email and you’re gonna find out that person was

Amy sue well the email at that company is amy dot sue at abc.com okay that’s

easy enough so now the decision make you find linkedin well uh Pat Smith now you

can email past miss because you know what his emails should be Pat dot Smith

at abc.com so there’s a little technique suggest and then you’re cold you’re just

relying on the gods that’d be that the person has that email so do your

diligence if you can find more emails better or up-to-date emails but for what

it’s worth these are little just techniques to get the information out

there Google’s Google is amazing with storing stuff so yeah and folks

sometimes if you’re not connected to the person on LinkedIn you can use Google

coz LinkedIn ranks very highly with. Google you can use Google to find the

LinkedIn contact that you’re looking for so that in this way the fact that you’ve

got a small network and not one now I was linked in number 76 53 of the 650

million plus people on the platform and. I never connected with recruiters

because I didn’t wanna help my competition because I always knew I had

a bigger network than most of them had so people come to me and look at that’s

25,000 plus first level connections I know it maxes out at 30,000 but folks if

you connect with me linkedin.com /i enforce lunch the big game hunter and

mention that you watch this show I’d be happy to connect with you no matter

where in the world you are there’s normally I don’t accept connection

requests outside of the US but if you mention the show I will that’s great and

you’re right Google I’ve found people that are hidden on LinkedIn if you go to

Google they don’t hide them so you click for some way you can get to their page

on LinkedIn if you go through Google but not through LinkedIn com it’s so bizarre

but it it’s the way it tracks them and puts them out there I guess however

Google does it but and one of the things folks if you’re doing there’s this

technique with Google you also want to make sure you use the location

prevention that lengthing uses so for example it might be a LAN the net row

area or New York metro area whatever it is on LinkedIn you include that in the

search as well because otherwise you’re gonna get the people in Moscow have

weapons at the same name – exactly exactly right the certain of the search

strings on LinkedIn if you want to get more familiarize with some of them I

know the airs I used to take I took this air certification which literally showed

you how to use a boolean search strings to filter your results from 2 billion

down to 2 million down to $200,000 to that so the goal is to get less on your

page of searches so go on LinkedIn and our excuse me go on Google type in

boolean search ideas or boolean search strings Google Senya so much information

about how to really hone your search down to this funnel

so it’s not so overwhelming and this is fun I’ve gotta ask a question what

happened they asked you about so far that we should cover for the audience

what makes sense that we haven’t spoken about yet

yeah I mean I think I guess my final say because today’s theme was the resumes is

to be pragmatic with your thinking if you’re logical and you are writing your

messaging your resume so the hire manager aren’t crinkling

their forehead when they’re reading the darn thing all right halfway there now

it’s a matter of matching you up so think logical and don’t let’s not be

playful let’s not write this like you’re you’re reading it off of your child’s

nighttime book you know gene went to get the balloon be a little bit more

thoughtful in what you’re writing for your experience section that’s the meat

and potatoes and in like we said earlier think in terms of accomplishments

rounding off or in value value to comes from same value but rounding off I would

say after your after your um summary list of skills and those are those

buzzwords we were talking about earlier technical methodologies business

buzzwords are fine you know quality sure and strategic planning operations

management these are all ones you see all the time and it’s fine you don’t

have to you know it’s better to be a little bit different and try to think of

some that are a little bit more unique but some are just gonna be what they are

budgeting is always gonna be budgeting cost control you know so write it in

there if you’re do you do budgeting get it in there

then under those looks skills I like to have a little bit of accomplishment

section and that’s kind of one that or core competencies that’s gonna be your

real good stuff and this this is where you can get a little tricky say look you

have a job at IBM for the nineties you loved what you did there it relates

somewhat to what you’ve been doing what you’re gonna be doing still you don’t

want a 1995 IBM so you couldn’t either have it as a previous work history with

just the title company name and dates sometimes we even keep the dates again I

can get crazy with science behind all stuff but anyway then you can take some

of the maybe two three lines from there and put them in this accomplishments

section up here so now you’re not losing some of the good stuff it’s also being

televised pretty much right away when they’re looking at it and you’re

not boring them either with going back to 1995 so it’s like you know little

tricks like that and then after the accomplishments experience round at home

with your education certification affiliation stuff and that’s kind of my

methodology of putting together everybody’s a little different though

again IT people might have different sections and but on all pragmatic don’t

make people wonder what the heck they’re reading this shouldn’t be something

confusing it should be pretty seamless because it’s you it’s your life what

you’ve been doing and folks pretend a six-year-old is gonna read the resume

could they figure out if they looked at the job description and looked at the

resume would they see the info that they see need to see in order to go mommy

mommy and make it easy everyone’s busy you don’t want them to miss it maybe fit

obvious so that the six-year-old and spotter and you know folks have you

noticed really likes doing this it makes me crazy and he loves it

God what I wish I was a pro this right right folks happen that find out how can

you find work that Matt and the kind of work that he does yeah absolutely so on

my website is em like Matt JW careers m. JW careers calm and my blog is job

stickers kinda like pot stickers but job stickers calm I thought it was so clever

ten years ago so he gives me those spots my LinkedIn 680 plus recommendations

Google hundred plus Facebook hundred plus I like what I do and and I kind of

got a nice science behind what I’ve been doing to make sure that you get

interviews and lead times for waiting between interviews are shorter

I do us and folks will be back soon with someone else to talk with you about some

element of search i’m jeff up in the day game hunter if you’re interested in

one-on-one coaching from me reach out to me through my website which is the big

809 us you can schedule time for a free

discovery poll or schedule sign for coaching I would love to help you if

you’ve got a question for me just a simple question like you don’t

want to go through a coaching process reach out to me through wizzy Oh calm

that’s WI seo.com /the big-game hunter you can ask a question to me there

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game HunterJeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is a coach who worked as a recruiter for what seems like one hundred years. His work involves career coaching, all as well as executive job search coaching, job coaching and interview coaching. He is the host of “No BS Job Search Advice Radio,” the #1 podcast in iTunes for job search with more than 1800 episodes and “The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast” and is a member of The Forbes Coaches Council. “No BS Job Search Advice Radio” was named a Top 10 podcast for job search. JobSearchTV.com is also a Top 10 YouTube channel for job search.

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