Preparing Your References to Be Checked | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

Preparing Your References to Be Checked | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

EP 2213 Getting your references ready to be checked ( including questions that someone who is up for a C-level position would want someone prepared to answer).

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I coach people and I help people perform
at a high level during their job search once they're on board in a variety of
other ways and I thought I would do a video today that's designed to talk with
you about getting your references prepared prior to a firm calling them to
do the check now you may think your references are all say wonderful things
about you and most of the time they will but every once in a while there are
situations where people just don't say it right and I remember a time where I
was doing a reference check for one of my clients they always had me do the
background check for them for the folks and I I did an honest job for them and I
was asked to pose a number of questions to write people on a 1 to 10 scale 10
being the best. One being the worst. And a lot of this one person's answer were seven
or eight which are kind of not great. And. I asked them "let me ask a dumb question.
do you tend to think of yourself as being a tough grader and they paused for
a second and I could hear the smile break out on their face because I was
doing this by phone they said yeah you're right
and suddenly all these 7s and eights became eight pluses and nine pluses
because they realized for whatever the reason was they had it kicked in and
they started to talk more normally once. I asked the question but you don't know
if this is how they're gonna behave so a quick phone call to your references
makes a lot of sense just to encourage them to say positive things and give a
good ranking to you yeah I wanted to just kind of walk you through a couple
of possible questions that particularly for individuals in the C-suite your
references might be asked and and here are a couple of them that
come to mind as I think about and the first one is when you think of this
person, what words comes apart this is like a
word association game. How would you describe your relationship with them?
They're not looking for my best friend. What they're looking for
is what the professional relationship is between you and your reference how would
you describe this person as a leader? How would you describe them as an innovator?
how would you describe their strengths as a strategist and as a technician how
would you describe their ability to manage up down and across the
organization? Can you describe a time when they were asked to handle an execution
for a major change or a turnaround how was it done what kind of environment
or culture would they fit into best how do they respond to extreme pressure now
there are a lot of individuals who can be explored in the course of references
It could be c-suite colleagues or board members, managers, employees, direct
reports, vendor leaders, association executives opinion leaders. So
lots of different people that references could be done with at the more senior
levels but basically you want to make sure that they're prepared to answer
questions like this hear what they have to say most of the time it's not going
to be an issue but you just want to put these questions in their mind so that on
the subconscious level it's starting to ruminate and they know, "okay, I'm going to
get a reference check call and I need to sound great. So hope you found this
helpful if you did I hope you give it a good review and iTunes
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for 45 minutes we talk about your circumstances I do coaching I made sure
on some food as we talk but I'd like to be able to help hope you have a great
day ok here


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