Out-of-the-Box Ways to Use LinkedIn in Your Job Search | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

Out-of-the-Box Ways to Use LinkedIn in Your Job Search | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

EP 1364 I speak with The LinkedIn Whisperer, Ron Nash, about easy-to-implement out-of-the-box strategies for LinkedIn. (From the archives)

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this is no b.s job search advice radio
episode 1364 I'm your host Jeff off in
the big game hi and welcome today is
Sunday and I'm releasing another one of
my previous interviews this one with Ron
Nash who described himself as I love
this term the LinkedIn whisperer
it's about out of the box LinkedIn
strategies to help you find work we
recorded this about five years ago and
most of it's still very good and very
useful I hope you find it helpful hope
you give it a great review and although
I have information at the end of the
show about how to reach out for coaching
I'll just simply say if you're
interested in my coaching you and
helping you in your search I'm LinkedIn
member 76-54 of the more than half a
billion people on LinkedIn I was in the
first 10,000 I know the platform very
well and if you'd like my help with
LinkedIn with critiquing your resume and
LinkedIn profile with helping you in any
element of your job search you know that
could be coaching throughout the entire
lifecycle or in different elements
connect with me on LinkedIn at LinkedIn
calm /en /the big-game hunter and once
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coaching or help we'll schedule a time
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let's get going
hi this is Jeff Alton the big-game
hunter and welcome to job search radio
on web talk radio dotnet this is a show
where I like to spend about a half hour
speaking with an expert in some element
of job search in order to make things
easier for you to find work and today my
guest is Ron Nash he's the founder of
the in Academy LinkedIn publisher is it
edie to go author and internationally
recognized LinkedIn whisperer
you can whisper in 2005 he specialized
in the art and science of LinkedIn
career networking Ron welcome to job
search radio great to have you on board
you know Jeff I'm actually extremely
happy to be here as well and especially
hanging out with someone like yourself
so thank you for having me on my
pleasure great to have you on board
I've got to start off by asking you
LinkedIn whisper what is that you know
it's a handle that I picked up in some
of the work that I've done I've spent a
considerable amount of time coaching
people career coaching life coaching etc
but one of my friends who works at
LinkedIn witnessed me actually literally
working with one of their clients that
they had asked me to interact with and
at the end of that process they said hey
you're like Caesar Ilan the dog
whisperer you work with people in a very
different way and then they realized
that I had done to work with Caesar and
the question came up mmm Dog Whisperer
LinkedIn Whisperer would you mind if I
call you the LinkedIn Whisperer in and
somehow or another that handle stuck
from my LinkedIn friends is funny um so
there's lots of things that people talk
about with LinkedIn but what I'd like to
do is start off by talking with you
about some of the things people should
absolutely do with LinkedIn to create
success that very few people talk about
but you know there's a lot to talk about
and LinkedIn is a huge platform but in
my estimation the very first thing that
I coach people to do is to make sure
that they get their online perception
together now perception is based on how
do you want people to see you for
instance in any interaction if I were to
go out on a job interview or meeting
business meeting I want to be dressed
appropriately hair teeth makeup whatever
whatever needs to happen there and
LinkedIn is really the predecessor to
how people are going to experience you
it's your first impression and nowadays
like photos videos not only the text
background but people can actually get a
real impression as to who you are so I'm
a firm believer that you should number
one have a professional photo of
yourself or something as professional as
possible and especially with today's
digital phones blank background nice
shot with you dressed for success
smiling something as simple as that to
make you look as good as possible and
then on to your professional headline
something that says a lot of value that
engages people in a well written summary
those are the three areas I start off
with that are critical before you even
start reaching out on LinkedIn okay so
that's in the basic territory I was
asking you for some unusual things not
just simply the standard because I'm
gonna speak to you as LinkedIn number 76
53 here holy moly
okay I like it so let's go into some of
the things that aren't in the standard
playbook that every coach talks about
let's go into some of the unusual areas
well you know some of the things that's
happened right now I mean LinkedIn to
redone its user interface and made it a
lot easier some of the new things that
I'm seeing coming up that are actually
very cool is the use of video so right
now I actually use video on my profile
and I also work with people to help them
to use video it's an area where if you
have a 1 to 2 minute video that stages
yourself your expertise your passion it
really brings your profile to life now
I'm also a firm believer that in this
day and age there's a lot of transition
I wouldn't want to put a video up
representing me or my brand or my job
searching about my background unless it
was well done so I would recommend the
use of video maybe standing in front of
a camera once again nothing distracting
in the background and going through a
list of 5 to 10 questions that really
stage your candidacy in a way that
allows people to see how you interact
as a person one of the critical things
so we're just talking about staging the
candidacy pretend you're in a
professional field of some sort
programmer engineer project manager give
me a sense of what they might talk about
in that stage presentation you know so
in essence it would really be a simple
idea hi my name is Ron Nash and I am a
software engineer now the reason I've
chosen to do the videos just to share a
little bit of who I really am with you
I'm passionate about rock climbing in
outdoor sports and more importantly I'm
a very big team a proponent of team
playing and my expertise is in such I'm
looking to work with a company that
really values people like myself who
contribute from coding based on X X X
and X X X and I would love the
opportunity to interact or maybe speak
with you on the phone
beautiful and folks again I didn't
notice that wrong used between 30 and 45
seconds tops
to lay out some basic things about his
experience and you can do the same thing
to again should be well done doesn't
have to be perfect but it just needs to
be a good representation of you thank
you a good performance on your part
thank you thank you and you know let me
just add to that once again with iPads
iPhones Androids etc to be able to do
something and edited an iMovie super
simple but once again putting your best
foot forward is critical
agreed so you spoken about including
video and what else can they do
you know I would actually say from a
profile perspective I am a proponent one
of the things that happens in this new
world of social media is we get lost I
am a proponent of joining groups and
adding likes to discussions and come
commenting on discussions now interested
so once you folks
humming boots well once again software
background groups have a lot of benefits
to them they allow you to participate in
a community of people from people that
are like-minded individuals hiring
managers recruiters and headhunters who
look in groups for people with specific
talents you can find a group that
specializes in exactly what it is that
you do and many times the groups a group
will have job postings that are only
going to be found in that group not only
that it becomes an easier way to connect
with someone so that you can maximize
your network tremendously so for example
if someone is part of a group that
you're a member of when it comes time to
connect they're a group connection and
you're able to connect with them by
using a drop down on that connection
request screen and reference that group
is the basis for why they should connect
with you so that you're not an absolute
stranger wouldn't reach out to them it
you know interestingly enough is some of
the things that are very important to me
is in human behavior we tend to like to
interact with people we have something
in common with a group provides a
platform for you to have something in
common in addition when someone in their
LinkedIn profile is we're talking about
some of the other things people might
want to do you're in a group you see a
discussion that's relevant to software
engineering it's posted by a decision
maker a hiring manager or a or just
appear you read the the dialogue and
then you like the dialogue which brings
you into the actual feed of comments
sometimes these can actually be very
active it also allows you to when you
discuss or add a comment to that
discussion it brings you into the
awareness of the groups and you know the
old adage out of sight out of mind
so so true and since what you're trying
to do with LinkedIn is build a personal
brand for yourself where you're being
seen as an expert participating in
groups goes a long way toward doing that
because people will see you as being
knowledgeable in the specific particular
area and they'll be able to connect that
at the times that they're trying to hire
I step out of solutely absolutely
so I also heard you talk about likes to
discussions how does that benefit the
job hunter in there well once again you
know strategy out of sight out of mind
what ends up happening number one
there's a lot of really good information
being shared in groups so number one you
may pick up some information that's
relevant to what you're doing your your
expertise your job search etc groups are
comprised of a lot of different types of
people you may get a lead but number two
it allows you to participate in a large
group of people and it brings you to
they're aware and it's almost like a
Facebook post typically when someone
posts something on Facebook it creates
big newsfeed and then a lot of people
discuss in on it and you start seeing
different interactions it allows you to
play a part of a live conversation
create awareness yourself we tend to
when we see people participating look at
them it may spawn a decision-maker or
recruiter to look closer at your profile
and at that juncture now I've just
gotten through looking at your
professional resume in essence because I
clicked on your profile so it's really
about creating awareness to your
personal brand as you said as you stated
earlier thank you this is Jeff Albin the
big-game hunter and you're listening to
job search radio on web soccer a do net
we'll be back in a minute with more from
Ron but I first wanted to talk with you
about my job search insider to
now this is an awkward one for me to do
and I want to start by saying this has
nothing to do with LinkedIn has nothing
to do with resumes has nothing to do
with interviewing this is one of those
personal tips it's hard to deliver but
important to deliver and it stems from
an article I read in The Washington Post
today about how there is a tendency for
job hunters to put on weight while
they're in job search mode and this is
not just simply for unemployed people
but it's for the employed as well and
this is one of those touchy subjects and
I want to be clear this is not just
simply a conversation for men is a
reminder for women as well you may be
feeling more anxious and it's perfectly
natural to feel more anxious certain
times when you're looking for work and
the more weight put on the less well you
look in your wardrobe when it comes time
for firms to meet with you you may do a
great job in your phone interviews and
you may become justifiably
self-conscious when you put on that suit
for the in-person interview and discover
that first of all your shirt doesn't
quite fit you or your blouse doesn't
quite fit you properly and sits a little
tight on you so don't allow yourself to
fall victim to your own anxiety take
care of your health take care of your
weight and don't put on pounds during
this time of job search so that's my tip
for this time let's come back to Ron
Nash and we've been talking about
profiles and groups so far now I really
want to get to the mobile area because I
know LinkedIn has some great mobile apps
that help job hunters and do you prefer
the traditional LinkedIn app or LinkedIn
of contacts for job hunters or both
so neither say is I've gone to the I
have an Android
for the mobile applications I have it on
my iPad I got it on my Android they make
it super easy for you to download any
information from pulse to whatever's
going on so from the job search
perspective Chris back up for a second
what's tell people with pulses oh I'm
LinkedIn pulse is really the newsfeed
it's really your ability to choose any
type of news from a new source like The
Wall Street Journal or The Washington
Post or any news source that you choose
to as well as from a follower Richard
Branson Ron Nash F Altman anyone who is
actually on the the LinkedIn platform
and you can follow information from
people like myself who publish
information specifically about job
search and you know or the mechanics of
how to manage what you're feeling so
pulse allows you to congregate it's a
congregation of newsfeed and you can
select the news that you specifically
want fed into your LinkedIn profile or
to your mobile mobile device and that's
available through the traditional
LinkedIn app available for all these
devices right absolutely and it's free
great and what other sorts of
functionality does that app have well so
you know you know LinkedIn mobile in
general allows you to kind of be in
contact with your LinkedIn profile and
all of your connections as well as your
newsfeed so as a jobseeker one of the
important things that has to happen is
that you have to know when things are
happening and be able to respond to them
effectively so in the 21st century on
your linked let's say linkedin you get a
job lead from a headhunter or someone's
looking for you
in traditional world you know maybe
you're out and about prospecting
interviewing doing something else it
taken a walk getting your your
personality in control and your your
email boxes blowing up with people
trying to find you
well LinkedIn has made the mobile
application so that you can be in
contact right from your mobile device
your smartphone
at any juncture so now Ron Nash the
headhunter found me on LinkedIn and he
wants to reach me because he's got hot
opportunity that matches my profile
instead of having to wait until I get
home to check my email it's going to
risk you know my mobile app is going to
allow me to know what's going on
instantaneously so that I can respond
and react to that messaging interesting
and how does contacts work as opposed to
the traditional mobile app well so your
contacts are absolutely you know it's
part of your network and the LinkedIn
context actually really allows you to be
directly plugged into your network more
specifically and be able to message them
I presume as well that's you know the
way that this this whole messaging deal
works with LinkedIn is I have a fairly
vast database of people and actually
nearing new of several thousand them the
data is useless unless I'm able to
really reach out to my network and
communicate with them and so I'm a firm
believer in using context linkedin.com
etc to have the ability to one-on-one go
okay mr. almond this is rotten ash I
understand you're connected to this
person would you be open to introducing
me or etc so context allows me to be in
direct contact with my network or my
address book which is where my power is
and I believe one of the things it also
does which I happen to really like is
when you first connect at the beginning
of a day it will let you know about
people who've changed jobs or people who
have birthdays you know kind of like
Facebook notifies you about the
birthdays that allows you to number one
know if someone your network has changed
jobs to target organizations number two
is part of building a relationship is
those legendary happy birthdays
that helps Facebook really developer and
people develop relationships with one
another and just hit an interesting
point so LinkedIn is really about
relationships contacts actually because
it focuses in on one area of the
LinkedIn calm see that the desktop
version is the full-blown version so for
instance if you know Jeff you and I be
in contact or in contact it takes that
aspect of our context and the mobile app
allows you to do things like birthdays
you can see when people have job changes
it will also note our last conversation
so if I send an end mail to your
regarding something contacts will allow
me to see what our last conversation was
via the N mail also how and when we met
and any shared connections we may have I
may want to bring up the fact that I'm
attempting to have a meeting with X
software company you know I see that you
have a connection in common so context
really brings a focus of the
linkedin.com app into specific focus on
your mobile device that allows you to
really be in contact with other people
but see it visually on your mobile app
or on your mobile phone beautiful and
thus for all of you if you don't have
the mobile apps so that's linked it
itself and Lyndon contacts you want to
download them and just start
experimenting with them I think you'll
find they're great tools especially with
commuter lord knows that there's dead
timing your hands and yes you might want
to chat with the people that you're on
the train or the bus with but they're
going to be mornings where you can spend
time on your phone making connections
with people they'll be helpful for you
professionally is you shouldn't as so
many I guess keep saying time and again
you shouldn't only be doing things to
find work or build your network at times
of crisis you need to be doing things
proactively so that your network is in
so using the app makes it so easy for
you to do that
one of those sorts of thing I'm sorry
I'm sorry and so just to kind of
highlight what you said one of the
critical pieces about networking
especially in times of crisis when you
know obviously economic crisis comes
ahead of crisis but one of the most
important activities is building
relationships in mr. Altmann you already
know that many opportunities are found
not in obvious places but in networking
so LinkedIn gives you the ability to
actively participate and grow your
network so that you can hear about
opportunities sometimes before or right
as they occur and that's a critical
activity that job seekers must spend
time doing versus being reactionary and
we would speak about hearing about
opportunities I know you're not just
simply speaking of responding to the ads
that lengthen cells but putting yourself
in the position to be found by people on
LinkedIn absolutely you know I am a fan
and made you know I've made a living for
many years as a headhunter and a lot of
the opportunities that I've come across
on a regular basis have never been
posted to the world and the need showed
up or on a day when someone has decided
that they're going to go on maternity
leave and the need came up so it can be
a number of different things that that
starts the ability for someone to create
an opportunity the only way that we can
find out about those opportunities is to
be actively networked into our network
and to grow our network intelligently
from once again I use a software analogy
people that are in your industry you
know that some people are sitting at
their desk a headhunter may call I'm
looking for someone just like you they
have their gainfully employed but unless
they know that you're looking or unless
you are in contact with them recently
they may not be able to refer that job
to yet but then again if you're using
contacts or any of the strategies that
we talked about they'll know oh my
goodness Ron just talked to me the other
day about this opportunity I'm the
fourth this headhunter to him
you have to be actively engaged in the
process of networking to help you reach
those opportunities that you never know
about so how do you as a headhunter tend
to use LinkedIn or how have you use
LinkedIn to find people and how do your
corporate clients tend to use it to find
people yeah so and that's actually a
very good question I am one of my
interactions and I've worked on both
sides have done some corporate
recruiting using the LinkedIn recruiter
platform and obviously as an agency
recruiter and you know the two of the
styles are similar but a lot of the
corporate recruiters you know they pay a
lot of money for the resources to use
LinkedIn LinkedIn gives them access to
the database and so on a daily basis
that's one of LinkedIn huge businesses
is the corporate recruiting model
recruiter sitting at their desk they
have jobs that are based on keywords
inside of their system and they're
scouring through LinkedIn using keyword
searches to find people now from the
third-party recruiting perspective just
as I use it as well I look for keywords
that help to identify people based on
things that I'm looking for LinkedIn
also gives you the ability to see other
candidates who are similar so it really
is an aggregate of information now you
must have the proper keywords in your
profile to be found
no ifs ands buts about the folks they've
got to be there and we're not talking
about the tertiary keywords unless there
tends to be a you know a combination of
terms that people would tend to look for
in order to find someone specifically
like you you know one of the things I
love is what I do LinkedIn searches and
then finding people who they've got this
list of technology skills or things that
they may have done 25 years ago they
have no real relevance anymore it just
wastes my time so without question
specifically for the most recent roles
in particular you need to go into some
depth with what you've done how you went
about doing getting those keywords in in
order to ensure that you can be found
absolutely absolutely and thus it brings
me to the next question so you're a
recruiter you're reaching out using
keywords you send an InMail or you may
decide to call that person directly
because you know what firm they work for
right so how frequently said should
someone log on to LinkedIn if they're
looking for work you brought two
different thoughts of mine and I want to
tie your the conversation the questions
in the past number one if they have a
mobile app they should be logged in
every day no doubt about it and and that
mobile app can run in the background to
alert you so that's one of the tricks
Ron Nash has a position I just found you
in my string I sent you an email the
amount of time that it takes you to get
back to me I could have found 10 other
candidates and quite honestly based on
the headhunter in me I am going to fill
that position with the most proactive
perfect person who responds the fastest
so that I can get them in front of my
client as quickly as possible
number two you asked earlier on what
types of things should people have
another profile okay here's a
low-hanging fruit and everybody knows
this but I'm gonna say it anyway your
contact information should be in your
summary a way for me to reach you
because if you look wonderful and it's
hard for me to find you via email etc I
am going to probably surpass you at some
point so make it easy for me to find you
I know for me I have my name my company
name my email address and website
address in my
Marie this way someone can just message
me as soon as they discover me without
having to go through the connection
request or without having to figure out
my email addresses hey we want to save
time and the process once again when
we're proactively looking and we're
motivated you know the weather its
prices are not our level of motivation
we want to we want to connect the dots
with straight lines to the best of our
ability and take down any barriers of
someone discovering us by making it easy
for them another important thing kind of
pursuant to this conversation is make
sure that you have an email address that
you're going to use for the rest of your
career had people change email addresses
you know and if the information is not
up-to-date then I have a hard time
finding you and you may be missing out
on opportunity so I'm a fan of using
things like Gmail or hotmail or whatever
it is that are probably going to be
around a lot longer than myself but have
a specific email that you use that you
check regularly
that's use for your LinkedIn profile so
that I can feed you information coming
from LinkedIn one of the worse things I
find it happens way too often is someone
changes jobs they forget the changes of
email address I'm sending them a message
and it bounces is it all that effort to
try and build up a network and it's not
just me of course it's all those other
people that you've networked with and no
one can reach you until you suddenly go
oh crap I forgot to and it may take
quite some time to you lose all that
goodwill that you've built up so run
suggestion by using a personal email
address for from LinkedIn is a really
good one now here's the other side of
that question we've been talking about
the active shop hunter what about the
inactive one the passive a job entre the
one who isn't looking aggressively now
do you think they should login in daily
to you know that's actually a really
good question and a couple things come
to mind number one if you're not a
civilly looking you don't have to
aggressively do the behaviors of
networking however I still think people
should log into their LinkedIn account
once a day a couple you know minimum a
few times per week because because
here's the important thing once you opt
in and create a network and you know
maybe you've gotten some help from your
network there are people in your network
who may need your help connecting them
with other people as well asking for
advice etc so I believe of the mindset
of reciprocation it's one thing when you
need something like hey I need something
I need something I need I need your help
but once that's fulfilled and you know
maybe you're not even in that place but
once you have a network reciprocation is
critically important so you may just
approach it differently you check-in in
your network you know once a day
whatever the interval is during a day
just to make sure that there's not no
one in sending you something that where
they really require your help so I think
that we should all serve our network
kind of in a giving way based on
reciprocation we've all heard the
expression give more get more and that's
true when you're actively looking for
work and as you said so well it's very
important after you've found your next
position to help others who were who are
now in the position that you were you
have experiences that will be very
helpful to them and when all is said and
done it will benefit you by helping them
very nice run is there any last step
because we're coming up on the end of
our time with one another any last tip
that you want to share with my listeners
you know I would say that I heard you
talking about something that I think is
critically important
other than the activity of you know the
mechanics of using LinkedIn using the
mobile app what goes in your profile
keywords etc the psychological aspects
of job change in and the stress I am a
proponent part of my work goes to making
sure that our mental purpose
is there and you know I'm human also I
remember I woke up how long ago with
lots of things going on in my stresses
were over the top and it was one of
those things I had a hard time bringing
back in so I instantly know that when
you change your physiology you change
how you feel so I jumped on my bike and
I went for an aggressive ride for about
an hour and a half up this hill that
I've been looking to get up for a long
time and by the time I came back down
that hill
the stress which is really energy it's
misdirected energy was now directed
energy and I felt powerful I was like
let me at him I'm ready to go so that's
what one of the aspects of job search at
any juncture creates a certain amount of
stress for many of us and directing the
energy making sure we take control is
critical in the process and doing that
with LinkedIn there's just so many
different ways where we can take control
and direct it in purposeful ways Lincoln
is just such a great tool I was so happy
to get on the bandwagon early with it
yeah Ron thank you so much for making
time for the audience now you were
involved with a service called head to
go as I recall tell my listeners about
that place Etsuko is a in academic
publisher it's the online division for a
group called cengage learning one of the
largest publishers in the world and I've
had the pleasure of joining up with them
to create a course I call jumpstart your
career with LinkedIn and the course
isn't just a LinkedIn course I mean it
always anchors back into LinkedIn
LinkedIn mobile LinkedIn resume builder
interestingly enough is LinkedIn also
creates resumes where you a lot of
people don't know but it's really a
career coaching course that takes anyone
through the process of understanding how
to leverage the tool build relationships
make cold calls and you thank-you
letters really leveraging the tool of
building relationships and networking
with other individuals and so the course
is a six week 12 lesson long
course and it took me over a year and a
half to build and it was launched not
long ago we're starting to get lots of
great responses from it
what's the site address for the course
the course is called jumpstart your
career with LinkedIn so I thought it'd
be easy to just say jumpstart your
career with LinkedIn calm hey I can
remember that one breathing yes it is
Ron thank you so much so that's today's
show I hope you found it helpful and if
you did here are a few ways to get even
more from me first of all visit my
website www.marykay.co.uk/awilliam if
you have a few questions contact me
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seven days a week from this show six
days a week from the other lastly I want
to encourage you to join my group on
Facebook call career angles it's free to
the first 500 people from join and is
focused on helping you do better at work
information is shared daily and we're
building a supportive glute Fair that
provide advice and counsel during
difficult times again the gloop on
Facebook is cool career angles I'll be
back tomorrow with more in the meantime
have a great day be great
and now an ad from dad all right save
money on car insurance when you bundle
home and auto with progressive where did
you get this I'm talking to you
with the hair yeah where did you get
this it's good stuff it's solid
that's not veneer that's solid stuff
progressive can't save you from becoming
your parents but we can't save you money
when you bundle oh no no no progressive
casualty insurance company affiliates
another insurers discounts not available
in all states or situations hi I'm Sachi
Benson in my new movie what been what I
could hear men's Falls
February 6 catch a special girls night
out screening of the movie critics are
calling outrageously funny that must-see
comedy how it miss it for the world
amazing - Raja piensa in the Tracy
Morgan if you only know what I was
thinking right now trust me we don't
want to know what men want a guitar
under 17 had admitted without Paris
girls night out screenings Wednesday
February stays leaders everywhere
February 8th


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