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The Big Game Hunter*

1 on 1 Career Coaching

Although my blog, YouTube Channel, (a Top 10 YouTube channel for job search) and “No BS Job Search Advice Radio” (The #1 podcast in iTunes for job search and a Top 10 job search podcast) are great resources, 1 on 1 coaching allows me to personalize my advice specifically for you. It is a great way to have quick progress. We meet over Zoom, a video service, and, with your permission, I record our sessions and forward them to you for review. No need to take notes! You can review the video and pick up things you may have missed while we worked together.

1 on 1 Leadership or Executive Coaching

Being an effective leader or executive requires a different way of being than when you managed people. With 1 on 1 Leadership or Executive Coaching, over time, progress occurs naturally and effectively.

The work we do  isn’t always easy but, eventually, you feel like the wind is at your back as we sort through situations. PLUS, as we get to know one another, you find your progress increase faster AND we have fun, too!

Resume & LinkedIn Profile Critiques

Although you may have read other people’s resumes and LinkedIn profiles as part of hiring staff, that doesn’t make you an expert in writing one for yourself. Let me review them for you so you have the confidence that yours are superior.

After all, I’ve evaluated more than 750,000 resumes and am LinkedIn member 7653!

Interview Coaching

When I worked in search, my job was to help people perform at a high level on their interviews. I taught them an easy to follow framework and practiced with them.

Let me teach you this framework for interviewing and then conduct mock interviews with you all using Zoom so you can see what I see afterwards. If you are usually nervous, I’ll help you overcome that, too.

Salary Negotiation Advice

As you approach a job offer you don’t want to shoot too low and leave money on the table or shoot too high and lose something you want. Whether you want to be a tough negotiator, a gentle negotiator or somewhere in between, I can help you enter the negotiation with more confidence and have a better chance of success.

Trusted Adviser Services

If you have two or more good offers and not sure what to do, have recruiters trying to push you into taking their job so they earn their commission and afraid of making the wrong choice, schedule time to talk it through with me.

After all, I’m not receiving a big pay day from an employer if you join a particular company like recruiters do. I work for you.

Onboarding Support

Joining a new firm can be stressful. There are different ways they do things, heightened anxiety about performing well and no one to really go to. After all, speaking to your new boss can put doubt in their mind about the decision they made to hire you! You start off with 3 videos about how to be effective during your first 90 days and 1:1 sessions to support your transition.

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