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EP 1021 Here’s the basic of what to do and how to get yourself back on track if your  train goes off the rails.

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I realize I haven't done a show about organizing your job search in a long time, organizing your daily calendar for doing your search... I thought it was time to do it, especially after having a conversation with someone yesterday who I've been coaching for a little while. We spoke about some of the struggles that he was having.

Let me just simply say that I don't believe that you should be working a 10 hour job search today. I don't believe that is sustainable. Job search is tend to be marathons, rather than sprints and, although you may get lucky pretty quickly and get interviews they give you results, the goal is to get yourself to the finish line, not just get yourself a whole bunch of activity and feel exhausted.

So, you coaching session I did with someone not long ago you described himself as creatively procrastinating his way out of doing stuff, I spoke with them for a while and said, "Could you do 30 minutes of time?"


"How about 30 minutes on and one hour off?"

He said,, "I think I can do 30 minutes on in 30 minutes off. "

He was able to do that for better weeks time and the way we had structure (I will suggest this for you as well) is that you spend some time right out-of-the-box looking at LinkedIn queries that you have had an doing a little bit of networking online. Take 1/2 hour off next.

Next you watch some of the videos that I have available at so that you can start having the words come out of your mouth because I am a believer that is not just enough to think the answer to the question. You actually have to say it. I've been involved with Toastmasters on an offer quite a few years and, when I returned to Toastmasters a year ago, I noticed that the 1st few times I spoke I noticed I wasn't as good as I was a few years past. Part of was that I wasn't used to doing public speaking anymore and need to practice the words coming out. Now, I have become a lot more proficient.

I wanted to practice answers to interview questions after that, and then take a break. Then, I wanted him to respond to job as he was seeing a little bit later and take a break. It's always 30 minutes on in 30 minutes off.

He found himself in a situation last week where he just can get himself back on track and creatively distracted himself very effectively! He realized that he had to get himself back on track. So that the notion that I had for was that when he feels himself getting back on track (I think this is true for a lot of people) what they need to do is to elevate the physical state-- change their mind, change their attitude-- and, in his case, do it with some exercise.

We practiced a little bit by, "feel your body as it is now. I want to shift positions where you feel strong and powerful. Then switch back to her you were before. Then switch on." My goal was (1) changing his body posture into one where he feels more energy. I also want them to take a few minutes to do aerobic exercise and then go back to work. As it turns out, he owns an elliptical. You can do jumping jacks. Come on! You can do some jumping jacks for a little while and you also get the benefit of an elevated heart rate AND it brings more energy into your system. Obviously, don't go on for so long that you feel exhausted.

He, of course, reminded me of the Amy Cuddy YouTube video which he did is attend talk. If you haven't seen it, go see it. The theme is, "Fake it until you become it." I don't know if that's the title that is an immensely popular video where she talks about her own experience... She starts it is a professorial talk but then converts to her circumstances later on.... It's a very powerful presentation.

I'm encouraging you to structure your work activity related to your job search if you're out of work in this kind of way. 30 minutes on. 30 minutes off. If you are finding it difficult to get back on, try some aerobic exercises, change your physical posture. He also became aware that his office chair was broken and was sitting on 1 of his kids chairs that was not particularly comfortable. He had to get another chair for himself.

Don't tolerate some of the things that make you uncomfortable but don't get so distracted by the process of zapping the things that you tolerate or things that you are putting up with that you don't ever get back to work.

There is lots that you can do and, from a coaching standpoint, I would simply say that it is 1 of the things that I do job hunters (and others for that matter) is help them design the environment the way that really supports them well. It helps them be effective. I can do that with you, of course, and at, I have curated information about job hunting. Whether it is about preparing for the search,, organizing it in more detail than I am doing here.

I have material that relates to resume writing, interviewing, answering tough interview questions, brainteasers, salary negotiation, quitting a job,… A whole host of different things that is designed to help you be effective.

I must also say that 1 of the advantages of the site is that you can ask me questions. That's when there to help you with. I work for you and not for a corporate client so that I get a big fee at the end. I work for you.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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