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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter.. I'm a coach who helps people
professionally it could be a number of different ways and this is about one
person, one person changing the world, one person changing history good tell two
stories. The first one you'll recognize right away.
As I'm recording this, we're in the middle of Covid-19 and pandemic and all the
changes that have been brought about by one person in China first person patient
one who got ill and wound up transmitting the disease to others one
person I want to be clear this is not criticism in any way but it's the point
that one person can change events has has happened a variety of times in our
history let me tie this together with another story about attitude there's a
old biblical story about a family who is living role in one one eight people
one-room home. And it is loud. It is crazy it is annoying. And they decide, the father
decides to go talk to the rabbi and ask for advice
rabbi listens to the story and all the complaining about how crowded it is with
his parents in the house her parents in the house the kids
It is loud in there. And the rabbi listens it goes to watch t.he point three
goats into the house. Come back in a week." Three goats later comes back in a week
it's terrible so crowded in there it's loud the goats and the kids they fight
with one another because it's just on water one rabbi lessons and nods I want
you to bring two cows in come back in a week two cows the goats the people so
loud! Oh! Incredible! And the smells in the house!
All the animals! Disgusting! No one has it . . . Rabbi listens. " I want you to add three sheep.
Come back in a week." Of course, comes back in a week, complains even more. ! Now,
the rabbi goes I want you to remove all the animals come back removes all the
animals. "Oh, Rabbi, it's so lovely in the house. It's much quieter. And the point to
all of this is you control the world from your attitude..
How you approach situations makes all the difference in the world. Now, we have
the obvious example of patient one in. China they impacted millions of people
billions of people on the planet and for you your world really can be you and
those closest to you with a change in your attitude and that's often the place
to start. I'm Jeff Alton hope you found this
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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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