No B. S. Job Search Advice: Considering a Job Change? These Are Your Choices

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses your basic choices when you are thinking of changing jobs.

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Let's start by Working with the assumption that you're trying to figure out what to do next. Your ideas are being passed over. Your career is stalled. Whatever the reason is. Here are your basic choices:

1. If you're being passed over because you have a skill deficiency or knowledge deficiency, remedy it.Go take the training and get the experience outside of your current environment.. Take the courses even if you have to pay for them to satisfy that problem. If you deficiencies or that you don't have to sell your ideas so that you're getting passed over, you have to develop sales skills so that you work persuasively to get your ideas across. So again the 1st point is remedy the skills deficiency.

2. Get the hell out of there. Find an organization that will value for where you are. Maybe then They won't leapfrog you to the senior position you want to have right now but you are going to arrive with a halo and you can do things fresh with the next organization. Get the hell out of there is the 2nd choice.

3. The 3rd choices get the hell out of there and start a business of your own. Many of you have the knowledge, skills, and marketability as well as marketing savvy to start your own businesses. You don't have to work for Mommy or Daddy Big Organization to be successful.If anything, you would actually do better out on your own. Recognize that starting your own business can be 1 of those alternatives.

4. Here is the last choice and is it is a tough one for most people to hear. Shut up

Stop whining. Stop complaining. Accept your circumstances And work hard within the framework that Mommy and Daddy Big Organization have giving you in order to be successful there.

Those are the basic choices– – Get better, Stop whining, stop complaining, Accept your circumstances. Work harder within the framework that your current employer gives you in order to be successful there. Those are the basic choices. Get better. Get the hell out to a place that will value you, get the hell out the storage room business or shut up.

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