#NEWLinkedInFeature: [Skills match] 

By Kevin D. Turner

#NEWLinkedInFeature: [Skills match] compares your profile to the key Skills identified in the Job position and helps you identify
 ►  Opportunities that are a good fit
 ►  Skills you should add to your profile or perhaps be developing

Click on the Skills Match icon in the top card of the position and a popup shows your matches:
►  Green Checked Circle means the Skill matches your profile.  
►  Greyed out Checked Circle means the Skills identified in the position were not found in your profile.
►  Clicking the [+Add] will pace the skill in your Skills section and allow you to assign it to other experiences on your profile.

⚠️  If you already have 50 Skills you will not be able to [+Add] until you remove a skill to make room.

Skills Match insights can be derived from up to 10 skills added by the job poster or skills LinkedIn identified in the job description.

Skills pulled from your Profile by Skills Match could be either or both:
►   Explicit skills: Skills listed in your profile’s Skills section.
►   Implicit skills: Skills that are extracted from text within any section of your profile, such as the summary, position description, title, and headline.

Getting your Skills focused to help you attain your goals will also help you be discovered by Recruiters/Hiring Decision Makers, increase the accuracy of Jobs LinkedIn sends you, and increases your profile results in search rankings.

📌 This #NEWLinkedInFeature is number 25 Discovered in the Wild fin the first 26 days of 2023. Do you know the other 24?

Hope this helps many to #KeepRockingLinkedIn!
Kevin D. Turner @ TNT Brand Strategist LLC

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