So many people are crazy in their pursuit of big numbers on LinkedIn and never follow-up to develop a relationship with a person that they connected with. It isn’t about the numbers.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, the head coach
excuse my glasses for being a little tinted I'm hoping by the end of the
video they'll have cleared up. And this video
is about networking and the foolishness that people go through have tried to get
the biggest numbers known to mankind in their network like I was linked in
Number 7653 . I've got a great brand-- the Big Game
hunter I've got twenty five thousand first level connections on like them
most of whom, almost all of whom, reached out to me and you know what that does?
Next to nothing. And why is that? Because the people who've reached out to connect
with me have never done an iota of anything to follow up ever ever do you
think I'm gonna help people just because we are first level connections? Of course, not.
and that's the point it's not about numbers
although numbers if you do it right can advantage you it's about relationships
and when you have a relationship with someone where they learn to know,
like, trust and respect you, suddenly, you get results, right? And that's what
you want. You want to get leads. You want to be known as an expert so that people
are reaching out to you and even though they may not have a job today perhaps
six months from now they may have an opportunity where they're going who's
that guy in my network who reached out to me? Oh, yeah," And they wanna talk to you.
it's about the relationship it's not about numbers how do you build the
relationship? There are a million different ways? You meet someone one time.
you get together for coffee another time you meet someone one time you discover
that their kid is involved in a particular type of activity that you're
good at and you can help them and you invite them to bring their kid over and you'll
help a million different ways be creative be a human being
Do not just be transactional.. When you're transactional, you demonstrate
that you don't care when you're human people like you and are willing to go
hey and help so don't think of it as numbers think of it as relationships and
you'll get more results. I'm Jeff WAP and I hope you found this
helpful. Visit my website, where I've got more than
seven thousand posts that you can watch listen to a read that will help you find
work more quickly if by some chance you're interested in one-on-one coaching
you'll find that information about how to set up a free discovery call and my
website have a great day and take care


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