EP 1809 Most advice you will see about job offers deals with negotiating the job offer. In this video, I focus on negotiating the counter offer.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm the head coach for JobSearchCoachingHQ.com and welcome. I do one on one coaching with people to help you be more effective in your job search. I believe that job hunting doesn't have to be hard, difficult, painful or take a long time. It's just that there are different skills needed to finding a job than doing a job. In working with people. I try to make the process less painful because recruiters don't work for you. Employers have their interest at heart. Who backs up your game? So, that's what I'm here for as an experienced professional who worked in search for more than 40 years, filling tons of positions over the course of my career. I can help you navigate your job ssearch.
Now, here I thought I would deal with negotiating the counter offer because, for some people, leaving is hard now. I know every recruiter is gasping at this at this point where I talk about negotiating a counteroffer because what they always tell job hunters stems from an old article that was published 20 some odd years ago called "Counter offers: The Road to Ruin," which a is basically designed to make you afraid to stay. It tells you that all you're doing is getting your raise in advance, that they're going to hold this over your head and punish you. after all, in the future, if they have a choice between you and the loyal person, who are they going to reward?
Now, I'm not going to get into that part of the argument. I'm just going to simply say not all counter offers are going to lead to ruin and not all counter offers a re problematic. So, I want to start by saying you need to sit down, ideally at the beginning of your search, to identify what it is that's prompting you to look at other things. Money, of course, is important but it's probably not the only variable that you looked at. Maybe, you saw a few promotional opportunities. Maybe, your boss hasn't been treating you fairly. Maybe, you don't like the team that's involved that you're working with but fundamentally, there's more than just simply the money that's involved.
Now. if it's only the money, it's easy. You have another offer. You don't just take it at the same level. You don't take it at the same level, you want the the new firm to improve it. Otherwise, all that's happening is, okay,they matched it. Now, what becausethere are other things that are not right.
Maybe, the new offer gives you more vacation. Maybe it's a new type of project. So, in negotiating the counteroffer it always has to start off with understanding what it you're really looking for beyond simply the money. So, create a list of those items .If you didn't do it at the beginning of the search, you got to do it now.
What prompted you to look at other things and how does the new firm solve those problems? Thus, what do you need from your old firm to do to solve and improve upon. the solution? After all, you're putting a gun to their head and you're hoping, you're basically threatening them with your departure in order to get them to move. So, you want them to do better than the other offer, not just simply match it..
So, money is one variable. Let's say it's about more interesting work. If they're only going to give you the same work in the same group with the same boss as you have now,how did that improve things? All that's happening is you've gotten the money.
You see, for employers, the money is the easy thing for them to match but you want to deal with the other variables and put together your proposal all at once knowing full well that they may not match it. But, at least you have the other thing.
Now, I want to be clear, people sometimes get incredibly disappointed that their current employer doesn't match or exceed the other offer. But, here's the reality to it. It's business. It's not personal. Your managers hands may be tied by their manager or some policy that has nothing to do with you. It may just be an Institutional policy. Like I know of a number of firms that, for years ,would not make a counteroffer. They basically tell you, "you can leave now. Don't let the door ityou in the butt."
It's not personal. That's a policy that they have. But when you're negotiating, you have to understand clearly what it is, you're trying to improve upon in your current circumstancesnthat would need to be improved over the other firm, the one that has acted in good faith to hire you before you would ever consider accepting the counter offer. Then, put the proposal in front of your current firm and basically tell them, " hey, look. I'm not looking for just a match. I'm looking for improvement over what this firm has thought. After all, you know,, the reality is I had to do this at the threat of leaving. So I wanted to get a little bit better." Don't give them an ultimatum. Don't threaten them. Just state it in a matter-of-fact way.
And remember this is not TV. This is real life. With real life consequences and, as a result, you have to be pragmatic here and in comparing the two as they finally our, advantage the other firm. After all ,they've done it the right way. They've evaluated and assessed you and giving you an offer that's worth accepting and now your current firm is responding to it.
They may just go for the match. Always . . . Always go for improving every one of those criteria that's on your list so that, in this way, they can't be hypnotizing you.
I remember a placement I lost years ago where there was someone I was representing for the number one role in this new business function for an organization and he gave his notice and he received a call from a former boss of his who was now running one of the largest government agencies in the United States, telling him he should stay with his firm.
This guy had already left.that's the bizarre thing about it and he was mesmerised by his former boss in the staying because, well, I won't go into the story. I'll just simply say that was a dumb mistake because the money never materialized for the guy and it came back to haunt them later on his career.
Be practical, not emotional. If you feel emotions, find a way to discharge them with wife/husband/partner/friend/mentor/ally . . . Who ever it is. Not a mental from your current firm.. I Just jant to be clear about that .But someone that you know from another organization.
So I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. If you run into this kind of a problem, I'd love to help you navigate your way through it .Reach out to me by connecting with me on LinkedIn at. ww.linkedin.com/in/TheBigGameHunter. Once we're connected message me. We'll set up a time to speak. I'd love to help.
Hope you have a great day.
Take care.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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