EP 333 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter offers up a fun and really easy to implement salary negotiation tactic.

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Let's say hypothetically, you are someone who is looking for salary the hundred $150,000 And they came in at $140,000. I don't want to respond by saying, (in a whiny voice), "This is very disappointing. I had $150,000 in mind. (Sobbing)." Were some of the behavior like that because they don't care. Here's what I want you to do.

As you are speaking to the hiring manager who is made the offer to you, I want to respond by saying, "Wow! That is really fabulous! I am so looking forward to joining you. I think there are a lot of things I can do right out-of-the-box that will really go a long way toward proving my value to you. Can we set the start date on…" And you set up the start date.

They start lowering their guard a little bit and then you turn and say, "I have one small thing I need to resolve with you.. That 2nd number needs to be up a little bit. Instead of before, it needs to be a 5. That I can clearly walk in the door." They may respond by saying, "No," but what you are going to do is pay that image of you walking in the door 1st by saying, "I am so looking forward to joining. It's such a great opportunity. Thank you. This is such a great offer. I really think I can…" You have a sense of how I'm playing this?

"But I need to set fixed one thing here. That 2nd number needs to be a 5 and not a 4. I will be there very quickly."

What you're doing is committing to joining and basically accepting the offer but you are saying it has to be up a digit. It is a very subtle approach. It is very enthusiastic and sucks the man and making them feel as though they have hired you and then you are dropping the hammer.

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