It is awful to discover your team is talking behind your back. Why does it happen? What can you do about it?

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I'm Jeff Altman,The Big Game Hunter. I'm a coach who helps people professionally in
a number of different ways and he'll I won't talk with you as a manager as a
leader in an organization who's got a problem the people are talking behind
your back why the heck is this going on and what can you do about it can go on
for a million reasons do you remember being a staffer and thinking about the
decisions your leadership made and judging them harshly most people have
memories of that particularly for staff level individuals for people who are in
what I'll call general leadership roles like supervisors reporting to a manager
who reports to a director, they may not understand your decisions so they're
seeing things with limited information through their lenses and wondering what
gives the staff often they're looking at not just what you say but what should do
that's incongruent. You tell people to do one thing and then you don't follow
through on the same things for yourself and they notice that class difference
between the two of you and they start talking behind your back
happens all the time you may have done it yourself at one point or you Virginia
What can you do? Number one, just be aware of not just simply what you say but what
you don't say what you don't do as being important as well
You see, when they listen to you talk and you don't do the same things that they were
asking you to do they smell BS and they think of you as being a BS artist not
smart on your part and thus the way to heal that is being transparent with them
as to why you told them this what you're doing differently and why so it's out on
the table does anyone have a problem with this anyone see any issues please
talk to me. Do you want to do it in my office probably I'm happy to do that just get
on my calendar for ten minutes. Let's talk about it. But
I need to focus on behind my back. Yeah, I know.
I can hear it. I watch your behavior. It's different and I just want
to bring this to an end and have you understand all of us have to be going in
the same direction. It can't just simply be I'm pushing and pushing and
pushing and you're pulling and pulling and pulling and we're at loggerheads
with one another it won't work for anyone so by putting things on the table
you have an opportunity to rescue it got that hope you found this helpful
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No BS Management Advice | Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
No BS Management Advice | Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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