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When I became interested in leadership, the non-profit I was affiliating with encouraged people to take mentors. I came to know a few of the senior leaders and was tempted to choose one of them . . . until a friend told me about his who was a polar opposite personality t mine.

Where I was urban, he was not.

Where I was aggressive, he was not.

Where I was intense, he was mellow.

I went for the opposite personality to mine and learned a lot from my friend, Snake (Yes, he does go by, “Snake”).

After all, what might I have learned from someone like me? To be even more of ho I already was. What did I learn from someone so opposite? I learned to soften the rough edges gently instead of always fighting with the world.

I learned much more from Snake and others because I was ready to listen to a different view of the world. There has been much I have learned from those who are like me.

Often, my temptation is to ignore people and events that are different than my typical experiences. That has been a mistake.


Ⓒ The Big Game Hunter, Inc., Asheville, NC 2019, 2024

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