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Looking Ahead | Career Angles

Looking Ahead | Career Angles

As the world changes, people’s behaviors change. Students and young adults have less experience with criticism. Some will refer to political correctness or a world where micro aggressions set a tine that feels threatening to some.

I am not judging such behaviors. I just notice what the potential impact may be as we move ahead. There are certainly people who are being trained to work in large corporations but, according to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, the number of people aged 19-26 in the US is currently 9% of the total US population, the smallest population cohort. Even those aged 26-34 are only 12%. These are, generally, the individuals most likely affected.

There are a number of trends looking ahead but the one that gets unnoticed more often is the role of HR and managers to notice and resolve conflict. After all, in times when people have limited experience with conflict resolution, who solves the problem?

Those in authority will need to quickly notice behavioral changes symptomatic of people “shutting down” because they don’t believe they are being heard or outright rejected. This is already going with people now. Imagine it at scale.

Mentors will need to be younger. “Greybeards” won’t be the right model for this group. It will probably need to be people who are peers who will be most suitable. After all, organizations will need to be even flatter (or will be consolidating faster) because the demographics won’t permit as many to scale.

The next decade will become more complicated. It will be fun!


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