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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses the second most important place for you to write about in your linked in profile.

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I'm going to speak about the second most important area on your LinkedIn profile. Just to get it out of the way, the most important area is the line underneath your name. Between your name and outline, you are guiding people to what it is that you do. It needs to be quick and punchy to draw attention for people so that they are interested in going further.

The second most important area, the one that gets sorely neglected is your summary. Too often, I see summaries that are four or five lines long. Why can't you say more about yourself and create a section that is keyword rich that talks about your role and responsibilities and achievements in a generic sense, and then going to more specifics in the rest of your profile.

You can say, for So and So, I did such and such, reducing costs by X number of dollars or increasing sales by Y number of dollars.

Don't sell it short. Don't neglect it because it is the first place that a person's eyes go to after they've seen your name and the line underneath your name.

Sequencing it, it is your name, the line underneath your name, your summary, who you work for now, and then people's eyes bounce up to the summary again if it is good.

If it isn't good, it's a waste of time. People will go right to what you are doing now. You've missed an opportunity to persuade them.

A summary gives you a selling opportunity that you should neglect. If you use it well, you have an opportunity to really shine to a reader.

If you like, I have a few punchy comments in mind including my number in LinkedIn (I'm number 7653), as well as how I score on Myers-Briggs, DISC and Core MAP.

I talk about how I filled more than 1000 positions.

It's stuff like that that gets a reader's attention.

After all, is a certain amount that's pretty standard if you do recruiting. How radically different is that? Enhancements around that are what really make me stand out. Then when people go further and they see the YouTube videos I've done, the books I've written the podcasts I host and all the other things I do, I really shine.

Look for opportunities for yourself to stand out from the pack by using the second most important section of your LinkedIn profile and the one that is probably most neglected.


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