Life Lessons from Sports Quotes |


Life Lessons from Sports Quotes |

Great lessons from sports–today, Chief Justice Earl Warren, Steve Garvey, Vince Lombardi and Howard Cosell.

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hi I'm Jeff Altman the big game hunter
and this is going to be the first thing
what I expect this could be a
long-running series of videos about
lessons that we can take from sports
sports quotes things along those looks
now now a couple of quotes that I
spotted recently but I thought would
provide a great frame of reference to
start off the series and we're going to
expand on these concepts over the course
of time to head on some more but you get
the idea now the first quote is one from
Vince Lombardi Lombardi coached Great
Green Bay Packer football teams
championship teams championship players
people who excelled in what they did and
the first lesson I'm going to offer up
is the one from Lombardy we didn't lose
the game we just ran out of time now
what does this mean it basically means
we are going to fight and be determined
and persistent and miss no opportunity
and we're never going to give up we are
going to keep trying until time runs out
on us and then we're going to learn our
lessons order to go back and do the same
thing over again even better so you know
what Barney's lesson is wonderful that
it reminds us that even when we face
quote failure there are lessons that we
can take from it and springboard into
our next success after all when you
think about it when you pull an arrow
back and you're going to shoot the arrow
it has to go backward in order to go
forward so Lombardi's lesson is about ok
you know so we didn't win this
particular game we learn something from
it then we're going to use it to
springboard to our next success next
lesson well actually this should have
been the first one so Howard Cosell
quote I have forgotten all about sports
is human life in microcosm it's a lesson
for us that when we look at sports and
what happens they at least on the field
and how we respond to them it really is
about life
as a microcosm and there are lessons
that we can take them there's where we
go further Steve Garvey Dodger baseball
player said something wonderful and I
think it's true for many many people the
difference between an old ballplayer and
the new ball player is the jersey the
old ballplayer cared about the name on
the front the new ball player came cares
about the name on the back what does
that mean the name on the front is the
team he plays for the name on the back
is his thing so the new ball player
cares about himself more than the team
and as a result he may achieve success
team fails the impact of that real
simple everyone fails when everyone when
one person's selfish care more about
others than we care about yourself and
you will find more happiness in success
than you can imagine last lesson for
tonight from sports Chief Justice Earl
Warren I always turn to the sports pages
sports sexually first a sports page the
corns people's accomplishments the front
page has nothing but man's failures you
know you want to think in terms of the
positive and wife once you can take from
it rather than the constant pounding and
criticism that too many people so
regularly and seemed to enjoy this video
you know there are things that you can
learn but you don't have to feel the
intensity of defeat and self-criticism a
doubt that comes from absorbing those
lessons I'll simply say that there are
things that you can take from those
experiences that will help you immensely
but think about accomplishments rather
than failures i'm jeff altman hope you
enjoy this I'll be back tomorrow with
another one I hope you have a great day
take care bye


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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