Keeping Your Head Screwed On Right! |

Job search can be demoralizing when it goes on too long. My guest, Joey Drolshagen, and I speak about keeping your attitude right and avoiding “stinkin’ thinkin.'”

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so my guest today is joey drolshe he's
the founder ifgt life coaching author of
life's lessons and the creator of his
innovative subconscious mindset training
he's had a 28 year career a successful
one where he made it up the vp of sales
received multiple certifications and
decades of coaching others in the way of
his experience
and he
specializes in leading people to
creating successful careers financial
and doing what they love joey
how the heck are you
oh i'm doing so good jeff and i'm so
excited to be here with you and have
this conversation we're about to have
i've been really looking forward to this
and we know it got postponed a couple
times and it's been so this is like the
excitement has been building
so you told me right before we started
that successful 28-year career
it really wasn't what you were gunning
for when you got into corporate and that
you want to get out of it at some point
um i'm just curious what happened
that made you get to a point where you
said to yourself i want the hell out of
so i started my career at like 21 years
old i started in the automotive industry
i grew up in detroit michigan so it was
there and and it's moved and progressed
throughout up to a vice president of
sales i i actually specialized in
building territories and then helping
companies that were either in or going
into bankruptcy to get back into
profitability and i was really good at
what i did
but i couldn't stand what i did i wanted
to do this i wanted to have a direct
impact on individuals lives from the
time i was 22 but i was what i ended up
finding out through the process that
became smt subconscious mindset training
is it was my conditioning i was
conditioned my whole life that a man
gets a job supports a family and
hopefully lives long enough to enjoy
some retirement and that conditioning is
what held me stuck to that position to
that paycheck you know and then and then
eventually like a lot of people
experience it became like a trap because
as my income went up as the benefits of
the positions went up
it seemed it seemed more and more
impossible to break away from that to do
what i want to do so it was yeah i was
really good at and you know even like i
said i was really good at what i did so
it it tricked my mind
and i kept thinking this is what i'm
supposed to be doing even though my
passion is over here this is what i'm
supposed to be doing because if i wasn't
i wouldn't be as good at it as i am
it's so funny what you're describing is
something i talk about my coaching of
we're trained to get on the conveyor
and from the time we're very young
you know we're told you know what's the
purpose of school shut up do what we
tell you to do regurgitate a bunch of
facts let me tell you to do that and uh
the threat that they give you is or else
you won't get into a good college and
then you get into the good college and
the same thing happens all over again
with a threat being you won't get a good
and then you get trapped you're on the
absolutely and then you start building
you start building the family right and
you get the house and you start getting
those things and and i'll tell you i've
had employers who would want they would
try to convince me to build a house
where i was at like in iowa or wisconsin
or you know wherever and to build a
house and to do this and and it's just
because it locks you in even more right
because now you have more obligations so
you need more of that paycheck to keep
things going and it really is that trap
you know
and thus you know folks we're going to
be talking about
you know getting rid of that stinking
thinking adjusting your mindset uh in
order to get ready for the search more
than anything because so often people
feel stuck trapped depressed a whole
host of different things in the course
their career and now they have to go out
and find something else and how do you
switch gears so this is what we're going
to be talking about so yeah that's right
yeah right along those lines jeff is is
you know a job search or or
transitioning from a job to a business
or whatever that passion is whatever
that desire is
it starts before you start writing
resumes and practicing interviews and
and looking through you know i was gonna
say papers but that would just show my
age online at job postings and things
like that you know it starts way before
that it starts with getting into
alignment getting the mindset straight
and getting those that conditioning and
patterns that are keeping you stuck in
that position you're now
realigned and shifted so that you can go
into that next thing with power here one
of the things i tell every one of my
clients i work at i i don't write
i don't practice interviewing i i don't
do things like that what i help the
person do is shift that conditioning
within and go from taking massive
to living off of inspired actions which
show up easily for us when somebody cl
when that clicks in with somebody
writing a resume interviewing like
that's all second nature it's built
within us but we have to tap into that
place before we do that
and that makes it
it's no big deal you know right you're
absolutely right
when when firms hire they're looking for
competence there's a lot of people who
are competent but they want to get
self-confidence character chemistry
maybe a little bit of charisma they
certainly want to see someone who cares
because they want to trust someone and
if you don't have if you're like
everyone else how do they choose you
yeah absolutely and i'll tell you i've
never met anybody yet who is stuck in a
job they can't stand who's dragging
themselves to work who you know like me
couldn't stand the weekends because they
live in dreaded mondays you know i've
never met anybody who's in that place
who has
who has an overwhelming amount of
confidence in themselves
right it's gotten beaten out of them
you're right it's there
but it's been covered over with the
other things it's been covered over by
perceived failures from the past and and
you know other times they've tried it
they've heard of somebody who's tried it
and went for a better job or something
and it didn't work out for them or they
hear those and that becomes their truth
that they live by you know one of the
things i tell everybody is is that
the reality of our life
is make-believe
it's not real
because our entire life is based on our
so the good news jeff is at any time you
can look at your perceptions and shift
those and it can have a different
experience in your outer surroundings of
your life
so let's look at it from you know
average jane or joe
they've been in a career for
15 25 years however long it's been
and they realize okay i gotta move on
and they've had the crap beaten out of
them for so long
they've got what i refer to in the old
zig ziglar quote is a case of stinking
how do you begin to shift that when
you're working with someone how do you
shift that attitude so they can come
back to their genius and their passion
and that that's a great thing i think
i'm thinking like that's a great way to
describe that and and typically what
happens with people in that condition
right there
is they're living based on the false
perceptions within them
that's holding them back and keeping
them trapped and doing all that stuff
everything one of the first things i do
i just talked to somebody the other day
i offer a 10 minute call i'll offer it
as a gift to your you know to your
listeners and your audience as well but
i um i i was on a 10-minute call with
somebody and they just
would not look at that inside
you know side of things they wanted to
blame their situation their
circumstances their you know their their
conditions they wanted to blame
everything outside of them for why they
were stuck in where they're at one of
the first things of anybody i can help
and and what i do
isn't necessarily for those who need it
it's for those who want it
but one of the first things i do is get
people into that help them and have
tools to do this throughout the the
entire you know 12-step you know uh
subconscious mindset training that i do
and such but it's helping them get into
that beginner mindset so it's helping
them look at like even things like past
failures instead of failures shift those
and look at what you learned out of that
so take it and convert it from from a
failure to a life lesson which becomes
then a stepping stone as we start going
through that as i start helping people
get from that mode of what they know
because we've all been taught like you
said that conveyor belt we've all been
taught that you have to know the answer
you have to know the right answer you
have to know you know all this stuff and
life we don't grow through that though
so what i do is help people move from
under you know that beginner mindset of
going from what they already know
to what can they add to what they
already know yeah i learned
i learned when i made that mistake i was
a loser
that's what i learned
i'm trying to save everyone some time
because i know that's the joke you told
yourself so let's just cut through that
and yes and start shifting that mindset
yeah that is something because
who's been learned to beat themselves up
so regularly
that's really powerful right there and
that's what it is is we use
life's events in the past to to really
unknowingly too unknowingly nobody does
this intentionally but unknowingly we've
learned to use those things to hold
ourselves back to minimize how powerful
you know um marianne williamson and i
never say it the right way but she has a
quote i absolutely love and she said
we're not afraid of being powerless
our real fear
is how incredibly powerful we really are
and so when i take somebody and give me
that beginner mindset and then right
from there and this is whether i'm
working with the individual organization
corporation at all levels i've helped
two organizations go from a place of
bankruptcy back into profitability doing
this so it's been i've proved it out
there along with hundreds of clients is
when we create a dynamic vision for that
life we want i have dynamic vision road
mapping that takes people through it and
it's not just their career or their job
or their financial it covers all areas
of life and when we get that
can you imagine that the power boost in
confidence and excitement that you have
towards life to open up possibilities
like that that you can even just see in
writing in front of you
it makes a huge difference but how do we
start the shift
what are the steps that someone goes
yeah so when we so so i mean it you know
it's multiple areas and stuff but as we
start going through this when we get
that beginner mindset we become open to
what can be rather than what we see in
our perceptions of things and then we
create a dynamic vision for what it is
where we want to what we want to achieve
then the rest of the process is i just
help that person go through and and so
often we have goals and we want to go
out there and we want to make those
things happen
what i work with people on is coming
the place of that vision
so it's clearing the pathway of the
patterns and the conditions and the
paradigms that people live
by shifting those which can be done with
ease and as we shift them more starts
opening up
i've had clients who have who have gone
from like really really struggling
financially to just opportunities
showing up in their life when you hear
things of the law of attraction and the
secret and everything else it works
perfectly but i think one of the places
where it's been um kind of handicapped
in its delivery
is the law of attraction works and it
works perfectly for everyone but the
application of how we do that is what is
he as unique as the individual applying
it so
you would have different conditioning
than i have right so but understanding
that conditioning needs to be identified
and shifted it doesn't matter then at
that point what the conditioning is it's
the whole process is in the shifting of
that conditioning to open things up
does that make sense
and i'll use myself as an example so you
can work on me for a little bit
let's do that
because my parents
grew up in
world war ii times and met in siberia
where my father was a former soldier for
the polish army and exiled there
and my mother and her family
left germany and got sent to siberia
they met under terrible circumstances i
caught that well
as such
they learned to trust no one
as a matter of fact one of the family
was that
my grandfather
was a fairly well-to-do
uh thread salesman
in germany
and accumulated some money that
eventually became worthless
they took possessions with them to bribe
one of whom was the uh head of the camp
that they were in siberia
and the last and the goal was
to get everyone in the family to have
indoor jobs
so that they didn't have to work
outdoors in siberia winter
and the last thing they had to give
was a watch
one day there's a new head of the camp
and my grandfather asked what happened
to the last guy he developed bourgeois
values we saw this watch he had
we had to replace him
well the bribe came back
to bite this guy and now they're in
siberia trapped there
as such as a family we all learned not
to trust anyone
and thus if you're working with someone
like me and folks this is not rehearsed
as you've noticed on joey's face
he was there were a lot of wows he was
giving me this
it's a very simple story i know the
lesson i was being taught i'm very
conscious of it but if you were working
with someone untrusting
because they were in sales and people
stole revenue from them they're always
reorgs they cut back on their
how do you shift the mindset from that
case of
okay i'm getting screwed to use
a blunt word
to okay now i can have a new opportunity
and start fresh
yeah and and understanding
where that like understand not so much
where it's coming from even because what
i tell people is it doesn't matter where
you've been or what you've been through
all that matters is where are you right
now what where are you exactly right now
you know if you don't trust people today
understand where it comes from but where
are you right now and where do you want
to be and now for those two reference
points i can help anyone so when we look
at that and we look at that conditioning
and you understand what it is and i'm
sure you understand how it impacts your
life right
and where it plays out you're more the
more aware of it we become the more of
that and that's what i help my clients
get to the point of what you're seeing
with that jeff and then what we can do
is we can take those circumstances and
situations and walk through those and
start making that shift in other words
like um like if somebody wants to quit
if i meet somebody they want to quit
so often people want to put the
cigarettes down and just
be done right
but what happens is if we don't put
something positive in place of that
it will sneak its way back in so the
same thing with conditioning you know
you can go through and change it
like a situation happens and you talk
about and you go through and you shift
that and you understand it and then you
can apply it but if you don't put
something else in its place
it will sneak its way back in there so
that's what i do it is help clients to
do is find find opposite
conditioning to start putting in place
of that so instead of coming from a
distrust you start moving into opening
up to be more trusting and start taking
actions you know every decision we make
has an action attached but
otherwise it's just mere entertainment
but taking actions into that in your
life and it can sound like a long long
long process but it actually isn't as
you start practicing it within you know
my clients notice differences within
weeks of us working together
i'm thinking for the job hunter the
classic thing that they complain about
is you know i never get results from
interviews are hard now the story gets
believed and reinforced by constant
and thus you have to break the loop with
something positive learn how to
interview better because obviously you
don't do a good job otherwise they'd
hire you
well and and the other thing the other
thing of that is so many people when
they're looking for a new job it's just
you know people when it when they when
they're feel forced or it's that time
when they just can't stand it for
another week right
it's almost like they'll grasp almost
anything rather than
where they truly want to be look for
that company identify that company you
truly wanna be at penetrate that company
get in there for the you know and things
like that that vision helps align that
because then when things do start
showing up that don't fit you can say no
thank you
and wait and move into that other side
when we do that when we have that
clarity of that vision
it opens the avenues up for it to show
up easier for us than when we're just
going i need a new job and just start
looking through postings and things like
that trying to find something
so if i'm going to translate this for
the audience
what i'm hearing you say is
we have to substitute something for the
old belief system
that it becomes a new belief system and
that can involve skills development i
use the example of interviewing or some
other belief system that gets reinforced
and thus believed
so that for a while it has to be a
conscious shift
because it's not a habit yet
and until it's a habit
the constant repetition and going ah
there's a chance for me to slip back
now has to become a vocabulary for a
little bit
absolutely and and you know like the way
the whole process the thinking process
the creation process uh you know
whatever you want to call it works is is
we have a conscious mind right so one of
the very first things i'll start working
with people on is like whenever i'm
doing a live um event or something
always ask people how many of you would
ever speak to another person the way you
talk to yourself
that one's painful for people people
always like a lot of times people will
laugh and chuckle about that and i get
the humor in it but it's so demeaning to
the life that we desire to live
and the way we talk to ourselves you
know so one of the first things i start
doing is having people become more aware
of that and start shifting that because
we have a conscious mind and the
conscious mind is whatever we're focused
on the words we use the thoughts we
entertain the people we hang out with
what we watch on tv you know if we're
watching cnn constant negative news all
the time that becomes ingrained and then
we have our subconscious mind the
subconscious mind doesn't determine what
you want and don't want it doesn't
determine good or bad it doesn't all it
does is absorbs whatever the conscious
mind is focused on
and then it uses a body to carry out the
actions to create those experiences so
can you see somebody that's stuck in in
their failures or stuck in hardship or
stuck in life's struggle or stuck in
that they're going to continue to see
that more and more and more throughout
their life and things will get more so
and more so strugglesome when we start
shifting that in the conscious mind
we're giving the subconscious mind
something else to focus on something
different to focus on and we can
experience different results there's a
few things a couple things at least in
this that hang up a lot of people though
first off
the subconscious
is where the shifting has to take place
ultimately to create permanent change in
we can go around talking positive stuff
all the time but if we if if if we're
having the thoughts of failure if we're
having thoughts of limitation if we're
having thoughts of what we can't do or
there's not the right job for us or
whatever it is jeff then that's really
what the subconscious mind is focused on
and what the all the conditioning that
conditioning i had that a man gets a job
and supports a family you know another
example i have is i grew up outside of
detroit michigan there were five of us
kids and my mom and dad stayed married
till death do apart
but they struggled my entire youth
they struggled financially they worked
like mega hours both of them and stuff
and i saw what that did to their
relationship to what financially and and
things like that and i remember at nine
years old thinking man something's not
right here
but even knowing that
i went into my adulthood struggling and
in my mid-20s i realized if something
came easy to me it felt like it wasn't
right like i didn't earn it
you know so so taking that example and
going in and understanding the conscious
mind understanding the words i started
using and i started you know things with
affirmations or things similar to that
and stuff and and i started applying
this stuff and i started using the tools
that i teach today without even knowing
what i was really doing then just taking
a book and experimenting and you know
continuing to do that but eventually
what it did is it became ingrained in my
subconscious conditioning that life you
know life is easy you know my my
subconscious mindset conditioning for
money is that there is so much financial
abundance available that every living
breathing person could have more than
they could ever use and there'd still be
an unlimited supply
that money literally grows on trees now
the whole time growing up i was taught
what do you think money grows on trees
now we got to get back to job countries
i want to get that one specific so yeah
we've got we've got the job hunter and
they've just spent
two years six months 20 years
in a job that's kind of worn them down
how do we start shifting their mindset
so they look like the winners that
they've always want to be
and arrive in that new job with the
glorious halo around them
that the new employer goes oh this
person's my dream person they're the
ones i've always wanted
because behaviorally they shifted so i'm
uh which of the tools
you might use to shift someone who's
kind of defeated
to back into being the winner
yeah the and the first thing i'll say
there is is the clients i work with you
know you had mentioned that about the
employer says you know this is the
person i've always dreamed of and you
know things like that i work from the
person that i'm working with standpoint
that they're saying man this is a job
i've always dreamed of i love this i
can't wait till monday i love going to
work i love the impact you know all of
it like and so i work from that side and
really the way to do that is to align to
get a lot of clarity around the vision
of what that life looks like
what is the job what's it feel like it's
you know
most days jeff
i get up before my alarm goes off and
it's like i'll try and lay in bed and
it's like no i want to get going and i
have this excitement and this drive
toward living life
you know getting into that place what
does that look like for somebody you
know and and how do they get up in the
morning what do they do with their time
what's work like and then how does that
work that job that income afford them to
go to you know live in in time and money
freedom get to go where they want to go
what do those things look like and get
clarity around the vision of what that
life looks like full encompassing
relationships health and well-being like
all of it
once you have that
then you at least have a reference point
to keep going back to
which as you focus more on that the can
you see where the some of the limiting
thoughts are holding people back will
start fading away and they'll get more
and more and more excitement into this
vision here
so i'm going to play the devil's
advocate because i'm good at that one uh
and the devil's advocate is okay
i want a good job where people kind of
like me and i like going into work in
the morning and
they are people who because the life has
been beaten out of them for so long
doesn't have the same juice that you and
i have
how do they reach cultivate the juice
the energy the passion and this isn't
about i just want to be clear folks this
isn't about whether you're an introvert
you can still have the juice
it's just demonstrated differently so
how do you
bring back that internal feeling so that
can walk in with that confidence
and recognize what it is they want in
that next organization
so they can screen against it for
now now this is part of the thing the
difference of of going it alone
versus having somebody who's got the
experience assisting you with it right
because like i'm going to tell you
there's a process to it but my my
clients go through the process within a
week and a half to two weeks we're doing
it alone you know somebody that's in the
place you're talking about when they
first sit down to write a vision it's
not going to be their most powerful
all right and people that are stuck in
that place that you're describing trying
to go alone
you know
it's like i tell people a lot of times
is is trying to go alone is working
and with the same process that got you
into living the life you're living right
so that's a really big thing where
having somebody like i said with the
experience assisting you because that's
how you start identifying the stuff very
quickly and start making the shifts but
it's got to start from a reference point
of what do you truly desire
you know and somebody who's in that
place like you talked about there jeff
where you know going to a job where i
make good money and people kind of like
me and you're coming from that place
that's not going to be your your most
exciting dynamic vision that you're
creating but it
you know
attaboys go out because it's a starting
and we'll start moving you in that
direction so then a week later or two
weeks later whatever it is you write a
new vision out
you know one of the things i tell my
clients and every one of them is i have
points throughout the program where we
go back to the vision and the reason
being is our vision of our life is as
alive as we are so if we're breathing
our vision is alive and it changes as we
change so somebody that's starting at
that point and writes a vision that
helps them to start seeing at least
there's something else different all of
a sudden within a certain time period
depending if you're going alone and how
long that takes but going through that
process then it starts opening up more
and when because we're putting our focus
on it it starts opening up more and it
starts opening up and eventually you get
to a point
now i couldn't do it alone by myself
because i didn't know some of the
conditioning and stuff i was running
so i i can't speak from that side i've
had coaching and things like that and
stuff but going you know even going
through that process like what we're
talking about right now it will still
start opening that up
right and i agree with you
wholeheartedly folks if you've watched
me or listen to me for any length of
time you know i'm a coach and i believe
in matching and if we could do it by
ourselves we've tried doing it by
ourselves and the fact that you watch
videos and listen to podcasts you try
and figure it out on your on your own
it's a lot faster if you just hire
someone to guide you to be your ally
who's done this before for other people
so that you don't have to figure it out
he should he shouldn't have to work so
hard someone else already has the
answers so get that support from someone
else especially when it's on my set
shift because as i illustrated earlier
earlier most people when they start this
mindset shift they come to a place of
equal mediocrity
equal average because they're afraid of
committing to the extreme it's a joy
again the passion again for fear it's
gonna the hammer is going to come out
and they're gonna drive the nail back
into the board
you gotta get some support
to find this kind of stuff and by the
way just so you know we don't have
infinite time
okay and we've been doing great and i
just want to make sure we cover other
points that are important okay
i would like to bring up something
really really quickly about what you
okay what every client i work with i
tell them my goal is to get you to where
you don't need my coaching anymore to
where you've grown above what my
coaching can offer you that that's my
goal so coaching isn't like a lifetime
one coach you know multiple years
building retirement or whatever off of
and things like that it should be a
process that helps you get to where you
want to get to and then move forward
from there and enjoy being there you
know that's that's one area the other
area is you know it's very similar to
climate everst right people can go out
to everest and they can you know
register and they can climb to the top
and maybe make it to the peak you know
and and things like that to the crest of
it and such but how much easier would it
be having a guide of somebody who's been
through the train somebody knows what to
look out for weather-wise and you know
all of that stuff that's really what
good coaching is
and the other thing i want to say on
that jeff is i tell every one of my
clients i don't have your answers your
life is not my life you following my
steps and and what the exact things that
i've done you know which is a
misconception i think a lot in coaching
right now is you know
you following my steps is not going to
get you my outcome
you know what it is is i help people i'm
really good at helping people act find
and access those answers within them
through taking inspired actions to lead
to the life that they desire not the
life i'm living
and thus folks what joey's saying and he
said it multiple times here
is it's smart to bring on an ally
to help guide you through this process
to be someone who works with you to help
you get the results that you want and
most of the time you're not even sure
what those results are when you start
out and a good coach is going to help
flush that out of you and then bring it
on the path toward getting to where you
want to get to
what haven't we covered yet joey
i don't know it has been a great
conversation up until now i am just
anybody struggling out there jeff really
like anybody that's struggling that's in
the job you can't stand and and you're
questioning whether more is available to
you the answer is always yes
if you're not absolutely loving your
life in all areas
you know
there's there's places to grow within
that and all you have to do is have the
desire to experience more than you're
experiencing now
amen brother how can people find out
more about you and the work that you do
yeah they can catch me on you know joey
drill shaking on any of my social media
but one of the things i offer to your
audience here jeff is anybody can go to
and schedule a free 10 minute call with
me and just talk about what's going on
start opening up that possibility of
what's possible for you and then walk
away with some inspired actions that you
can start taking to move you in that
now 10 minutes isn't a long time
but it is a good way to connect with
that and people can walk away with
having some actions they can take to
lead towards where they want to be
and spell your last name for them i'm
going to have in the show notes i just
want them to hear it sure it's it's um
d is delta r o l s h a g e n
but like i said the easiest way to get
ahold of me jeff is go to coach with
joey on one word dot com and schedule a
10-minute call
excellent joey thank you and folks we'll
be back soon with more i'm jeff albin
the big game hunter hope you enjoyed
today's show if you're watching on
youtube click the like button if you're
watching it on amazon
you know do the same thing and if you're
listening as a podcast or watching on
youtube share it leave a comment
click the like button do something that
lets people know it was worthwhile
and if you're interested in one-on-one
coaching with me visit my website
you can schedule time for a free
discovery call schedule time for
you know order
classes i have available or courses i
should say and the blog has like 11 000
posts in it which you can watch listen
to or read that will help you find work
more quickly hire more effectively
imaginely much better as well as help
you with different workplace related
lastly connect with me on linkedin forward slash i n forward
slash the big game
i hope you have a terrific day and most
be great
take care


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