I was very surprised and skeptical to hear that both Instagram and Pinterest could be used as part of a job search. When you listen to Holly Bunn, using both makes perfect sense. From the archives

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hi this is Jeff open the big game hunter
and you were listening to job search
radio into the ground pinterest for job
hunting yeah i had a similar reaction
but if I saw have to listen to Holly
buns and her ideas about it all made
perfect sense than for me and I think
it'll make a lot of sense to you as well
now at times hobbies audio isn't great
but hang in there enjoy the ride because
there's a lot in there that I think
you'll really find helpful enjoy the
show are you looking for a new job or
interested in leveling up job search
radio is your go-to resource for insider
tips on job hunting and growing your
career here's your host Jeff Altman so
my guest on this show is holly bun who's
a professional resume writer and career
coach and we have been trying to do this
show now for weeks and we've been
technologically challenged finally
welcome back yet again to job search
radio great to have you thank you so
much so instagram for job hunting are
you kidding me absolutely absolutely it
is Maggie's growing social network for
job search out there out of all of them
really you know I just think it was a
way of sharing photographs of course but
you obviously know some other techniques
give us some of the basics of how to use
Instagram for job hunting okay sure so
the first thing that job seekers have to
understand is how companies are using
Instagram companies will search the home
wheatland could um of the flowers they
will do keywords on that a is gramma
so they're looking for a party they'll
do a search of yours for an artist and
the only way to get founded that search
results if your description Instagram
account I'm the type of job to have to
just be you so now that's the first
thing so jobseekers need to understand
how companies are looking for them on
Instagram the second is I'm going to
pause you right there because I just
want to make sure I got that right so
when firms are starting to look for
let's say graphic design people they're
searching the people that are following
their firm on Instagram to see if any of
them are graphic design professionals do
I have that right that's correct Wow I'm
listening intently by the way how many
people use Instagram would you say
instagram has two hundred billion users
75 million of them are or what daily
users that means they go on Instagram
every day Wow what so the first thing is
to follow firms that you might want to
work for in order to make sure that
those organizations know of you so that
has to be some way that you reflect the
fact that you're a graphic design person
in your Instagram profile am I getting
that right as well yes so that's the
important part right so if they're
looking for you you got to make sure you
get found so the second thing you have
to do is as a job seeker in the
description field of your Instagram
account you want to put the hashtag so
if we say that graphic designer is gonna
say hashtag graphics are so if I'm Holly
bun I'll say Holly bun
uh I love chocolate I love moving and
I'm a graphic designer hashtag graphic
designer and so because of that hashtag
that will allow me to show up in the
search results when someone is searching
for graphic designer by the hashtag now
the that's the second thing the
description the third thing that you
want to do is so Instagram is for
pictures right we already said that the
beginning instagrams for pictures if
you're a graphic designer you want to
share some of your creations on your
Instagram page share your work show what
you can do as a graphic designer okay so
when we will land on your page they
become interested in the work that
you're doing and then the fourth thing
is you marry that whole thing together
let's play I'm a graphic designer and I
want to work for coca-cola I want to
design all the the graphics for their ad
campaigns first thing I'm going to do is
follow coca-cola the second thing I'm
gonna do is post a picture of makes the
work and I'm done and I'm going to only
do it 10 kula I love to hashtag graphic
designer I'm going to a shout out to
coca coca hey coca-cola tomographic got
the best graphic designer the world look
what I can do let me take you to the
next level a lot of points I'm going to
pause it for one second there because I
just want to review them know we've
talked about in your profile I'm sorry
first of all following firms that you
want to work for secondly in your
profile using hashtags galore so that
firms can find you so we keep using this
graphic design example but the same
thing is it exists for any profession
whatsoever if I was looking for a job
for example I would do hashtag recruiter
hashtag headhunter hashtag human
resources and a whole bunch of other
things to cause people to want to find
me or or identify me as someone that
they want to reach out to so that's
number two is the hashtag strategy yes
number three was posting some samples of
your work yeah i know for me right now
every once in a while I shouldn't say
every once in a while with much more
regularity i'm using a product called
font though phl nco to put up some
things on Instagram that help people
learn about some of the jobs I'm
recruiting for I'm doing short videos
about the things that I'm looking
forward tips that I have for people that
job search so again you talking about
putting out content I'm giving the
audience a sense of some of the content
that they could put out and then there
was a fourth strategy that was the
shoutout right yes I'm doing so well
here so the shout out is causing again
we use coca-cola's the example a coke a
coca-cola this is some of the great
stuff I do love to work for you to take
a look or might you even go so far I
think I'm one of our previous attempts
you went so far as to use that an
illustration of how someone could craft
the campaign yes and that is the most
interesting part of actually seeing this
from an artist someone campaigns right I
saw it on Instagram he started off with
the blank white canvas picture of it it
said getting ready to start wedding
that's all he were storm was I'm sorry
my next creative right got it close to
the picture a hashtag to death so that
people can find him the second thing you
posted was a video of him act fixing he
had a little bit of commentary on there
something like this is going to be a
masterpiece I'm actually mixing colors i
haven't mix before stay tuned and find
more so now people started to look
forward to his next post and this guy is
an amazing artist
but he um he did the background I like
half of it was white and he started
painting the background it was just like
a Michael Michael and he did this
throughout the whole campaign he did a
post every day to show the promise that
he made and at the end of like seven
days this beautiful painting buddy is
measured he took you on that journey
right and started with a blank canvas
this is how you draw people into your
work as an artist you can do this if you
are an interior designer if you even do
an accountant you can start with a blank
notebook or a blank spreadsheet take a
picture of a laptop I've done this go to
my Instagram page you'll see me prepare
notes for my show and I'll show my
laptop a notebook of my coffee mug and
I'll say preparing for the next show
stay tuned join me at 12 and that's how
you get equal to getting gauge interest
in and they'll start to follow you and
you'll attract the attention of a future
employer especially if you shout them
out and hashtag them as you're posting
this is how you get found on Instagram
because they're looking they know that
you're there so they're looking right on
Instagram to find you fascinating and
folks we'll be back with more from Holly
in just a moment but first my job search
insider tip for this show which is about
interview preparation now most people go
to an interview and they aren't as well
prepared as they could be and to give
you a sense of typical preparation when
most people of best will do is they'll
read a job description before hand and
say okay this is what they're looking
for ok I think I can speak to that and
that's as much as they do here's what
I'd like you to do instead take the job
description lay out the requirements for
the position and what they want someone
to do in one call in the second column
lists some of your accomplishments to
relate to that so there you go item by
item and remind yourself
of some of the things that you've done
that relate to the first time or the
items in the first column and then the
PS that AZ starts the perfect way to tie
the bow is in the right-hand column what
I'd love you to do is remind yourself of
some stories that you can tell to
illustrate these points because facts
are facts and they're not going to
really make it stand out from other
people because then one of the ones that
they're going to talk to you will have
similar facts to yours but no one's
going to have your stories except for
you so my encouragement is three columns
the job requirements and the
functionality in one the second one the
second column is the list of the actual
things that you've done to relate to
them how long and how recently you might
have done them and the third one is a
reminder of some of the stories now if
you're doing a phone interview you can
keep this out in front of you as a guide
sheet for yourself so that all you're
going to be able to do is reference this
no one will know you are going to be so
importantly prepared for your next
interview so that's my insider tip for
this show if you like more visit my
website which is the big game hunt us
there's a lot more than that you can
watch listen to a read to help you find
work more quickly now let's come back to
Holly and pick up where we left off hi
Holly terrific so we've been talking
about a variety of strategies for
Instagram are there any more that you
have in there for folks that you want to
share the first content want to share
pictures you want to share video you
want to include games of yourself right
there are some people that don't beans
or they don't like pictures of them
included but you want to make sure that
your content
is diverse you know you want to also
focus on your skills in that content
right so let's say you're a computer
programmer and you know what do you
share from a computer programmer let's
say you you admire Steve Jobs or you
admire Bill Gates post a picture of that
dick and my latest database program
shout out to Bill Gates thanks for you
know start this is where it all started
hashtag Microsoft next time hire V has
tech chops hashtag computer programmer
all of those will get recruiters to find
you just by simply posting a picture of
that person so make sure you have
diverse content and it's obvious that a
lot of people put up memes on on
Instagram they share quotes on Instagram
as a way of quote inspiring others and
I'm sure sharing that kind of material
goes a long way toward creating an
identity that people want to follow
absolutely a great place and honestly
this is one of the best place to find
some of the greatest quotes and they're
pretty awesome is pictures of Christie
but she could if you go to pinterest
that you do a search on quotes or
inspirational quotes or motivational
quotes wow you will see so many of them
that you can share it right to Instagram
that is great so we're basically folks
going to be talking about Pinterest next
so this is the perfect segue but what
we're but what Holly's point that out is
you can use Pinterest content on
Instagram as a way of creating material
that will help attract people to you
very sweet now pinterest for job hunting
okay I've heard this twice before but I
still struggle with this is concept okay
thank you because so could you explain
to people what they can be doing with
Pinterest to help them with your job
search absolutely so Pinterest if you
don't know what it is think of it as a
bulletin board or a cork board that's
online where you pin things with a
statement to then bulletin board and its
information so if you're at college you
see these bulletin boards with job
openings with things for sale with you
know Connie Flyers anything that could
go on that bulletin board so Petrus has
all of that right Pinterest is a new
social media platform there are about 90
93 billion in growing people that use
Pinterest somewhere around 35 million
daily users per day and Pinterest is
seventy percent women so companies that
look to hire women and they want to
fulfill that corner going straight to
pinterest because they know that that's
a captive audience now pinterest by
itself is mostly known for fashion
recipes interior design themes that are
you know kind of light and really things
that girls like right Oh recipes you
have you know jewelry and shoes and all
kinds of things right so when companies
go to pinterest number one what they do
is they create a company page that has
job postings they will have pick up pin
boards so as we still go back to those
cork boards and you know the college
campus that has all the the papers on
them says hey we're hiring grab this
piece of paper so they'll create a board
for their actual job postings now on my
pinterest pain i have a board that says
actual job postings we're
and I pin other people's jobs on to my
interest so that my followers have
access to those jobs and I have to
search and so the second thing that
companies are doing is they're posting
things to attract people to their pages
so I remind said they like shoes recipes
you know things that a lot of girls like
they'll put those things on their boards
and they'll look at who's commenting who
has liked their pens who has read their
pins and in the same way I told you on
Instagram when you create an interest
account you're going to hashtag the fact
that you're a graphic designer the fact
that your accountant or your let's say a
computer programmer you're going to
create a Pinterest profile just like you
put on Instagram you're going to in your
description hashtag it but the job that
you want to apply for you're going to
follow companies that you want to work
for and like their information you're
going to like their post you're going to
repost them they call reap ends on
pinterest so think of it as a retweeting
more sharing like you would on facebook
on pinterest is repenting so you can
repent their information that they put
out you're gonna get seen in the same
way there's maybe some of my pension
different it's it's visual the way that
instagram is but it's not as interactive
it's mostly for commerce so if you want
to buy something if you want to sell
something and just the first place that
people go right and so companies aren't
there brands are there and in heavy
numbers because they're selling products
and they want to sell it to a captive
audience that captive audience is
seventy percent women so if you go to my
pinterest I post things I'm a resume
writer and a career coach so I have
somewhere around 15 10 boards I have
John Sargent career advice what to wear
to an interview what not to wear to an
interview beauty tips how to do your
makeup for an interview what to eat when
you're in the job search so that you
don't fall asleep at your computer
you know what to eat to give you energy
what companies are hiring resume
examples I have all of these things even
choose to wear to an interview shoes and
so if you go to my pinterest you get an
idea of some of the things that you can
do as a job seeker on pinterest not only
to attract and where's to you but to
actually look for those things on other
employers board so coca-cola they'll
actually have a career is born where
they post some of their job postings we
go up there hey pen like repin hey
coca-cola love the posting would love to
work for you and when I suggest in the
description field of your Pinterest page
because you get a lot of room more room
than you do on Instagram is you want to
put a link may be a bit ly lake or
something like that to your actual
linkedin profile so that when they find
you on Pinterest it leads them to
LinkedIn which is your actual career
profile and that way they didn't know
who you are very smart these deadly vit
da tell why folks so that's the one of
the link shorteners if you have never
preference for a google link shortener g
00 dodge al whatever it is i like bit ly
i think google archives them a little
too quickly and if you're using it as
part of the job search one of the worst
things that can happen to you is if you
use it a short nur and what they've
issued to you has been archived and no
one can reach you and you don't know
about it so use deadly that'll stay
around for a long time but the idea of
taking them from the pinterest boards
over to linkedin so they can see your
actual background very very smart Holly
I like that very very clever yeah you
were saying that you can put your resume
on Pinterest did I catch them right yes
so the easiest way to do that because
you can't put a word document okay you
can't put that on pensions and I do not
recommend though people do it
I do not recommend putting your whole
resume on Pinterest because you never
ever ever ever ever wanna give and a
recruiter enough information to make a
decision right then and there give them
enough information to get intrigued
enough to call you and ask more
questions right so I tell my folks to
take me there like your summary and your
name computer you want to take a
screenshot of your name and maybe your
summary and maybe your skill set save
that as a JPEG because pinterest will
only allow you to load images so a jiff
a JPEG of Kenji you want to save it as a
JPEG and load that onto your Pinterest
board can save my resume and because
it's not your whole resume someone has
to actually contact you to get the rest
of the resident makes you put your
LinkedIn profile then the phone number
email address that's worth it yeah you
put that the JPEG very clever and what
came to mind as you were describing what
you want to put in is an abbreviated
version of a functional resume that
highlights the skills rather admit or
maybe your successes because we're
talking about a JPEG we're not talking
about a full page resume we're looking
for something abbreviated so i could see
doing that name phone numbers mobile of
course folks email address URL to
linkedin profile and the cute thing
about the linkedin profile is if you
have one of the paying linkedin
subscriptions you can see who's looked
at your profile so this way you can
reach back to them after you've seen
that they've looked at the profile to
say hey notice you look at the profile
what kind of help you with or what were
you looking for very very clever Holly I
like this a lot
good now we're starting to come up on
the end of our time with one another and
I want to make sure we cover a lot of
information now I'm going to trust you
here because you're the expert on these
two products and I'm not saying I what
haven't we spoken about yesterday by
using spoken about yet about using
either an Instagram or Pinterest that
people should know so Instagram the best
times to be on Instagram where a brand
you would be on Thursday I don't know
why it's Thursday but it's Thursday
according to the latest research so
Thursday is the day the best time to be
on pinterest where grants are looking
for you is during the day any day of the
week Monday through Friday and you're
going to be on there somewhere between
two o'clock and six o'clock p.m. now
people pin that don't mistake that for
people pin on pinterest late at night so
users of pinterest pins somewhere
between 11pm and 5am companies are
looking at that time trust me recruiters
do burn the midnight oil I know they do
they're actually posting content and
they're actually doing those searches
for book I'm sorry to actually posting
content to your brand's during the day
and they're searching at night so you
want on pinterest you want to make sure
that you're looking while they're
posting because first in wins the name
of the game when it comes to job seeking
you want to get in front of the
recruiter as fast as you can and beat
everybody out so you want to try to get
to that job posting as soon as it hits
the UM it's the headboard and one of the
key things I'm going to interrupt you
here for a second is recruiters have
this bias toward individuals that they
perceive are passive candidates and if
they don't find you on a job board and
they found you through one of these
other vehicles they think they're smart
and they were so smart to find you when
you just basically put out bread crumbs
and drew them in yes exactly you become
the purple score all right and all you
did was just leaning right to you
exactly right i love this approach what
else Holly what else do people need to
know and so on pinterest just make sure
that and it is true on instagram a
course on pinterest baby courteous and
that means that if you go to someone's
page and you reap end them make sure you
like it first right don't just repent
somebody stuff and not like their stuff
because much like on instagram to the
not to Instagram and Facebook Likes
matter right especially the brands they
lack for people like their things so
make sure that your your diplomatic in
the way that you read end information
you like it first and then you repented
and what that will do is if I've seen it
personally happen people will start to
go to your boards because your liking
their stuff it's not to remain you
because you're liking so much of their
things and that's going to be especially
for brand is watching you and your
liking Mike and white and wiping let's
say you did post that coca-cola graphic
image hey code would love to work for
you and they repin you on their board
and get to expose to all the millions of
people that are watching them to make
sure you like first and then repent wow
Holly this is information that no one
shares those thank you how can people
reach out to you and and find out more
about the work that you do absolutely
you can reach me on LinkedIn by
searching for family fun you can find me
on pinterest instagram twitter at this
resume help that's at ms resu mph ELP at
is resume help you can even do a Google
search on Holly bun ms resume help and
you'll find two pages of information
find me on any one of them that's very
very super and I'll have your LinkedIn
address in my in the show notes for this
episode Thank You Holly and folks will
be back next time with more advice for
you I'm Jeff off in the big game hunter
and as I mentioned earlier visit my
website the big game hunter dot us
there's a lot more of their and connect
with me on linkedin linkedin com /i n
/the big game hunter I hope you enjoyed
today's show we put a lot of effort into
getting this one gun time number three
okay the great day take care for more
job search advice visit Jeff's website
and the big game hunter us that's the
big game hunter us


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