Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses one of the biggest mistakes job hunters make. This is a mistake that consistently costs you money.

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This is a mistake the job hunters make all the time by falling in love with the job and falling in love with the work. The impact of doing this is that for many of you, you lose all your negotiating savvy.

Imagine for second that you walk into a house And say, "I love this place! Oh! This is fabulous!" What happens to your negotiating power? At that point the realtor knows that your sucker for a price. If the sellers there, they know that you want this house. If there are 2 of you walking in and one person is doing that, the other one is over a barrel. There is no walkaway capability.

A lot of you make that same mistake with job search. You reveal way too early on that you like the job you do to people like me, you do it to the firm that is hiring, and the impact of that is they think that they have you over the barrel.

1 of the things you always need to be prepared to do is walk away. I know we bought a house a few years ago, my wife liked it, but wasn't in love with it and she said, "This decision is yours.." I made the decision to buy. I negotiated my particular way. .. I got of the lowest price that I could and we are very happy with the house that we put money into it.

When you're negotiating with the company for job, you can't let them in on the secret that you love this job because then, they know you don't have the ability to walk away because most people don't. At that point, most people are overcommitted and the result once it being that you get less money when they offer to you.

You always need to walk in prepare to leave and not loving the idea of the job so much that you will take it for less than what you are deserving of getting it for.

I don't care with the company's budget is because the budget, at the end of the day, is irrelevant to you. What your value on the market is should be what is important to you. Don't overcommit and show that you are in love with the job.

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