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In this video, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter offers advice to high school and college students about how to find a job after graduation.

Job Search Advice for Students |


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hi I'm Jeff open the big game hunter I'm
called the big game her because I've
been hunting down leaders and stand for
organizations for more than 40 years in
this video I just want to talk with the
students out there who are considering
majors who are considering career
choices and have a frank and candid
conversation with you now if you're in
high school let me just simply say that
if you've probably heard this already
everything that you doing in school
dictates the University in the truth 10
everything that you do on the
standardized tests also contributes that
outcome once you get to school for the
college students out there the major
that you choose the grades that you
receive the university that you attend
all dictate the outcome translated the
kind of career that you have I was
recently speaking with a client of mine
who attends campus recruiting events and
he's a senior individual with a large
consulting organization and he was
telling me about attending one campus
event where people were coming in who in
were looking for jobs but they were
graduating with five years of University
background than a degree in creative
writing a degree that might involve
sociology not exactly a smooth
transition for the business world and
certainly not a smooth transition for a
high-paying job in the business world so
my point to you folks is and what I say
this very bluntly everything that you're
doing we'll have a consequence on your
financial life after graduation there
was a high school student or as a
college student you probably don't want
to hear this but the fact is that adults
listen to this statement the long time
ago and
I'm going to tie the bow together in a
minute but you know many adults are very
poor with money and there was this one
guy I think his name is Richard Bach who
came with this idea of the latte factor
as a way of helping it to adults save
money and the idea was you know a latte
doesn't sound like a lot of money but
you know when you multiply a venti latte
by this is just one by seven days a week
you know we're talking $35 when we
multiply it by a month suddenly you're
talking about one hundred fifty dollars
we are talking about a year you know
we're talking about over a thousand
dollars we're talking about over a
lifetime notice this 30 years a thousand
dollars a year we're talking about
thirty thousand dollars for the
privilege of having a latte and that's
an after-tax income not a pre-tax income
so you know it doesn't sound like a big
deal at the coast for a while but the
impact can be very expensive for you you
may not be money motivated now the
however is most people somewhere along
the line flip especially when they find
it difficult to pay our bills don't put
yourself in the hole exert yourself
spend a little bit less time on Facebook
spend a little bit of time goofing off
and screwing around get that work
because the fact is and it's a tough act
to learning on it it took me a while to
figure it out before I snapped at the
line everything that you do has an
impact on what happens later on it can
be a good impact where you've gotten
into a great school got great grades and
people are beating a path to your door
or you could be a barista at Starbucks
choice is yours and the results are
really in your hands so this is jeff all
been the big game hunter if you found
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the addresses linkedin com /i n forth /
the big game hunter this is jeff alban
hope you have a great day figure



Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is a career and leadership coach who worked as a recruiter for more than 40 years.

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter










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