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EP 1612 How would you suggest someone look for an overseas position through LinkedIn or some other way without using recruiters or job boards?

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Hi! I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm the head coach for and and welcome to Job Search Radio. I like to spend a few minutes frequently talking with you about some ill that the job search because I believe the job hunting doesn't have to be hard, difficult, painful or take a long time. It's just that the skills needed to find a job are different but complement those needed to do a job. Most job hunters don't really practice well; they wind up making the mistakes and hurt themselves in their candidacy. That's where they show and my other one, No BS Job Search Advice Radio, both are designed to help you. This 1 is 6 days a week with advice for job hunters. The other one during 2017 focused purely on interviewing. That is a 7 day a week show.

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Today show answers were those questions that people send to me from time to time. The question is, "Is LinkedIn good for overseas job hunting?" I don't know whether overseas translates into US to Europe or Europe to US, Asian to US… I have no idea which direction this person speaking of. I will speak in general terms.

The answer is, "Yes. but..." The big hesitation I have is that for a lot of job hunters, they attempt to look for something overseas but keep their current profile. By that I mean the location of the profile. There were someone I was working with recently who is going to be making the move to Germany. In their case, they are in the US currently , and are choosing to move to Germany. If they were to continue to look with their New York profile, they would be turning up in any search results. That's because LinkedIn for Germany is not going to give recruiters or employers their result, Even though they say they are looking for position in Germany.

The obvious thing that you have to do other than reply to a heads that you see on LinkedIn, the obvious thing that you need to do other than network with people who, in her case, are in Germany, is change your profile to reflect your desired location. If you want to move to London, you move your profile to have the London location. You may need to check with LinkedIn about how to change location. I don't remember how to do that and will make up an answer for you. I just simply say that if for some reason you are interested in moving overseas, LinkedIn is an incredible resource because the same tools that are available to you in your country of origin are available to you abroad.

The harder thing is going to be about interviewing, but that really isn't what I'm asked about. It is completely possible to find something while living and working abroad. I just simply say that you need to start off with a change in location for your profile.. Sometimes that requires a change in language As well. Although, in this person's case, changing from English to German was a suggestion I made to them. You should change to the language of choice for that locale.

Start responding to ads and indicate that you are planning to move to that country. Start networking with people there. I'll also say start connecting with people there so that you can build your network.

So, that's today show. I hope you found it helpful. . I'll be back soon with more. Let me remind you that way. LinkedIn profile is that I would love to get a connection request and some nice comments about the show.

Suggestions. Questions. Send me a message. I may respond to your questions instantly, but I may not because I have a backlog of questions from people. He just simply say that if you have a question for me, send it to me through LinkedIn. I will get to the soon as I can. I hope you found this helpful.

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