Is It OK To Take a Break From Working After Being Laid Off? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

EP 2153 I got laid off yesterday for the first time. 40% of my department is gone just like that. I felt very liberated after the whole experience. Didn’t enjoy the job anyways and with the way it happened, I am glad I didn’t invest much loyalty to the company. It was only my second full-time position and working there made me question everything about my career. I’m left jaded and now I just want to take a break from work while I figure out what to do next.

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Is It OK To Take a Break From Working After Being Laid Off? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

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episode 2253
welcome today's show is one where
someone got laid off it happens
and they're fried and they want to know
if it's okay to take a break
hope you find this helpful hope you
don't get laid off but if you do and
you're feeling like your circuits are
here's my answers to whether it's okay
to take a break and we'll be back in
just one moment
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the site and i do hope you find it
it has helped a bunch of people now
let's get going ask me a question is it
okay to take a break after uh from
working after getting laid off
i got laid off yesterday for the first
time 40 of my department gone just like
that i felt very liberated after the
whole experience didn't enjoy the job
anyway and with that with the way it
happened i'm glad i didn't invest much
loyalty to the company
it was only my second full-time position
and working there made me question
everything about my career so he's now
feeling or she's now feeling jaded now
this is a covid story but this could
take place at any other time in a
person's career the first question of
course is
do you have adequate financial resources
now this person has saved some money and
they're going to move in with their
parents you know their younger
individual so they've got that option
let's work with the assumption that for
a period of time money is not going to
be a problem because you've gotten a
severance or you've saved some money or
you have a wife husband or partner
that's still earning a good income
money's not a problem
and the idea becomes you need to clear
your head
and that's going to be the way that
you're going to talk about it on
interviews i need a little time to clear
my head i was disappointed in how things
ended here
you can take advantage of the covet
story during the covet period of time
frankly it was kind of scary to go out
and work with people you know
as much as firms said
that there was going to be social
distancing i could see there wasn't
and as a result you know i thought it'd
be safe for me to take some time off or
i i felt it'd be better if i took an
extended vacation did some travel all
that sort of stuff or
you know it was that time in life where
i could spend some time with the kids
and i just thought we'd take the summer
off and spend some time together do some
family trips things along those lines or
anything else that sounds plausible that
doesn't make it seem like you're being
defensive the real thing
is about defensiveness if you sound as
though you you were a jaded employee in
the course of the interview
you're in deep kimchi because that no
one wants to hire the jaded burned out
individual who's got a chip on their
shoulder gotta get rid of the chip and
from there move on but yes you can take
some time off not a year
and probably not six months but you can
take some time off
decompress have a little bit of fun in
the case of kobe wait for that to pass
and then move on and find something else
so that's today's show i hope you found
it helpful and if you did here are a few
things i can do to help you with your
job search beyond simply being your
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game hunter dot us jeff altman so this
way when you're ready to go you have a
way of getting back to my website
hope you have a terrific day and most
be great


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