Is it Normal to Have to Accept An Offer Before Getting the Letter? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

EP 2233 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter answers the question as to whether a situation is normal when his employer extends someone and want them to verbally accept a job offer before they put the offer in writing

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Is it Normal to Have to Accept An Offer Before Getting the Letter? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

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whether it's normal for a firm to want
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moment and someone wants to know whether
or not it's normal for a firm to insist
upon you accepting the verbal offer
before giving you one in writing
what i find in the us is yes it is
because you're asking them to do
something extra when you might not want
accept the offer anyway
understand they were also concerned this
is the bigger of the two factors
they don't want you taking the offer
letter and start shopping it around to
other people unless you're prepared to
say yes
as a result they've got two reasons for
insisting upon this and you
have the opportunity if the offer letter
says something that contradicts what
you've been told verbally
to turn down the offer there's no real
commitment until you have the offer
letter because the verbal offer is not
real until it's in writing so don't
worry about this if you want to say yes
to an offer
do it and then say before i give notice
i have to get a copy of the offer letter
because that's my protection
and they'll send you one now then send
it by email as a pdf or some other way
in order to confirm the terms that
you're being hired under
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