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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter answers the question as to whether a situation is normal when his employer extends someone and want them to verbally accept a job offer before they put the offer in writing. The offer mentioned on the show is no longer valid.
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Is it normal for a company to refuse sending details of an offer by email before I verbally accept an offer?

This person is orally received an offer, they want to get an offer letter, there wondering why they don't have the letter as of yet. Is it normal for me to say yes and then have the letter sent?

The answer is, "Yes," it is normal. The reason is, why should they go through all the final approvals, have admin type something, send it to you only to find out that you are not going to accept the job offer? Isn't that kind of pointless from your standpoint? I sure know it's pointless from their standpoint.

While the offer letter does is confirm what you have already been told. You are going to be paid a certain amount, that you might be eligible for a bonus, the offer is contingent upon you successfully completed a background check, etc. etc.

If they lied to you, no one is asking you to quit your job until you have the offer letter. All the offer letter does is confirm what you have been told. If you were them, harnessing manpower/woman power or however you want to describe it to process this offer letter and you intend to turn it down, what was the point anyway?

They want to hear the acceptance from you 1st, then do all the mechanics to deliver a letter for you. It is completely normal.

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