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EP 1593 Is this piece of classic advice true?  Are you better off looking for job while working or just quitting and looking then?

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Hi! This is Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and this is Job Search Radio. Yeah, I know it's a video. We still call it, job Search Radio. I want to ask you a question that is where the basics of job hunting. The question is, "Is it better to look for job while you're still employed?"

Looking for a job when you're employed is harder because you have a job is not like you can just jump through hoops and go on interviews all the time and respond to things. You got a job to do, as well. You have to wind up putting effort during lunch, before work to do interviews and all the other tasks. You do have this thing called a phone that allows you to communicate during breaks, a minute or 2 while you're in the restroom (LOL) and other places were a quick peek is not a big deal. In that respect, it is easier. Like I said, it's harder because you have a job to do.

However, the big advantage in the reason I say that with one is exception that I will cover the moment that it is better to look for job while you were employed is that you have leverage. Leverage with the firms that you are interviewing with, not just that you are desperate willing to take anything. When you're out of work, firms feel like they can toss you an offer When it comes time to make the offer and you're presented with 2 choices – – leave it or take it.

However, when you're working, suddenly they have the fear that you don't have to take their offer. You can stay where you are. Leverage becomes a big advantage. By all means, it is better to look for job while you were employed.

EXCEPT If you're planning on relocating.There, it is harder. You are not in the zone where the job exists. So if you have the financial means, there make sense to quit your job where you currently live, move to the new location and job hunt there. Why do I say that? Long distance job search is always harder. Firms think that, even if you're going to pay for euro relocation, they worry about the timing.

Let's say you're moving from New York to Chicago or California or Florida... Whatever it is, they ultimately feel compelled to fly you in or believe there will be delays in the in person interview. Their anxiety gets piqued. Again, their problem, not necessarily yours. That's the impact of you being out of the area.

So, if you can set aside the financial means to move to the new location and job hunt from there, it always makes more sense.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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