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EP 782 I offer a simple way to prepare for the standard interview and the behavioral job interview.


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Today, I want to talk with you about interview preparation trick that works whether you receive a behavioral interview or 1 of the standard ones with those obnoxious questions.

Just to illustrate with behavioral interviews, they are going to start off with language along the lines of, "Tell me about a time when you…"It's kind of like mutual funds… If they start out by saying, "Tell me about a time when you…" They are looking for examples. Because, like a mutual fund, they are trying to evaluate past performance and predict future outcomes. That's what the trying to do with behavioral interview.

Even with the standard 1 when they ask you dumb questions, they are looking for much the same thing. They just don't say it. The looking for the same type of answer.

Here's the tip. It doesn't matter with your rookie trying to get your 1st job, an experienced person who Is trying to find another job, or veteran individual. the C suite. Here's what you do in advance.

Look for 3 things that are key to the role. For example, with the rookie, they talk about a hard-working individual who is reliable, but they are really looking for is a self-starter. For the "self starter stuff,," think of it this way. They are looking for examples of instances, stories that you can tell about how you step into a role and, without a lot of direction, picked up the baton and just running with. Come up with 2 examples of that that you can use in the interview.

For the experienced person, you may be looking at skills that they are looking for. They may be looking at leadership stuff. again, 2 examples of things that you tell along these lines that you can use as an example, on your interview. Experienced people generally have an idea what they are walking into but I'm so that encourage you to ask what I call the single best question you should ask on any interview. That question very simply, is asked before the real interview starts. I want you to speak 1st. Say something to the effect of, "Thanks for making time to speak with me today. I recall from the advertisement (or from the search firm, my conversation with so-and-so, whatever it is from wherever it is that you learned about the job) what the position is, but I'd like to hear from you and get your take on it. What you tell me about the roles you see and what I can to help?"

Now that they have defined it for you, you can speak about what you've done that matters to them and, knowing the true veteran individual, yes, I'm sure you do a certain amount of preparation in advance based upon what you been told, but you have the capacity to switch gears pretty quickly and adapt to what you hear on the spot. That's because (1) I want to just talk about what you've done. I want to talk about what you've done that matters to them.
(2) , I want you to have stories in your mind or instances where you can demonstrate that which they are looking for. Experienced individuals, managers, people operating the C suite are used to adapting. You guys are used to dancing on your feet. Recognize that you have to think quickly for examples. Think of one right away. My experience tells me the most you can come up with the 2nd 1 pretty quickly in order to demonstrate your experience of relates to them.

Again, always have two stories in place to illustrate every point that matters to the employer that is evaluating you.That's how you really prepare an advantage yourself on a behavioral interview or any interview for that matter.


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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