Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses an important mindset shift in how you approach your new job.

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I would like you to take a moment and think about the language of work.  If you are looking for a job, most of the time you are looking for a. "permanent position," or "a full-time job."  A permanent position is the language of our times, and the result is that we trick ourselves into believing that this job that we are interviewing for is permanent.In point of fact, there is ample experience an ample information to let us know that it really isn't permanent.

I would like you to change your thought process a bit and think of it as a "tour of duty" that what you are doing is signing on to accomplish a particular task , and that when those are complete you are to think of going.  This could be true like having a consulting mentality but for those of you like the security of a full-time position it is a shift in attitude that basically says, "Yes, I'm going to join this firm as a permanent employee (wink wink) and, at the end of this assignment, I'm not wed to what they are going to assign me to next. Because, in point of fact, if I am not going to learn anything, there is nothing new. I'm going to get out of it,, no marketability. I'm going to achieve, on to the next thing and do it with no harm, no foul, no recrimination."

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