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Infographic Resumes |

Infographic Resumes |

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses submitting an infographic resume when you submit your stay in standard one.


I want to talk with you today about a type of resume that I think is a good supplement to the current one. It's called an info graphic resume. The idea of an info graphic resume is creating a visual depiction of what you do.

I don't consider that a good substitute for an actual resume, but I think it's a way that you can complement your resume in a way that will be quite striking.

Although many of you may think that you are not in a field that would respond well to that, because I'm not in a graphical field, baloney! I don't care for a recount to an engineer, a programmer or working retail, there is a way that you can use an info graphic resume to really highlight your skills and stand out from your competition.

Again, what you do is send the standard resume, but you might use the info graphic in the body of your email or send it as a separate attachment. You could put it on your LinkedIn profile in a way that it demonstrates many of the things that you do. After all, LinkedIn profiles are very flat and this is a way that you can show people more of what you do and how you do it. How you have created affect and successes.

How do you create an info graphic resume? Their software online that is available that will allow you to do it. Do a Google or Bing search for info graphic resume maker. You will see different products that are available, suggestions about how to make one. Look into adding an info graphic to your skill set as a way of complementing the traditional resume.


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