Inconsistency in Resumes | No BS Resume Advice

Inconsistency in Resumes

Inconsistency in Resumes | No BS Resume Advice

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Using inconsistent information on your resume can seriously sabotage you being hired. If your resume contains inconsistent information on various platforms, it can lead interviewers to believe that you are lying or trying to deceive them. Thankfully, there are many ways to fix the inconsistency. Here are some of the most common mistakes that can lead to your resume being ignored.

Spelling mistakes in your resume are a surefire way to give the impression that you’re not a great communicator and lazy. While spell check will catch obvious errors, it’s still important to double and triple check your resume. If you have trouble catching mistakes yourself, consider having a trusted person proofread your resume before sending it to employers. This person will spot any mistakes that you may have missed or any elements that seem unclear.

Make sure your writing style is consistent throughout. Paragraphs should be one line long with a single-line break. Use the same font for all sections and pages. Don’t mix fonts or use two different fonts on the same resume. If you’re unsure of what font to use, copy and paste text from another document and paste it into the resume. Bullet points should be in the past or present tense, not both. You should also follow standard capitalization rules and ensure that you have correct grammar.

Remember, if you are going to submit your resume through an applicant tracking system, a simple clean appearance will allow the system to be more accurate when it reads it and be more accurate in how it ranks your resume against a job requirement.

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