EP 951 There is a lengthy reason for why the interview started late and the application was a big part of it. Should I be worried?

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I had a question from someone that was so lengthy that the title of this video is not complete so I'll just read the question

I have an interview and was about 15 to 20 minutes before my interview time. I walked in and asked the receptionist where the restroom was; he directed me there. I thought it is time to go and gather my thoughts and when I came out of the bathroom, the receptionist told me to fill out an application. I was taken by surprise because I just didn't expect to do that. Anyway, the application is about four pages long. I ended up having to see the interviewer 10 minutes after my initial time. Is it very bad or not so much because I was there on time? And then she tells me that she believes she heard a big side coming from one of the interviewers in the next room; the type of sigh that says "I wish she'd hurry up anyway." When they were in the interviews, I believe they liked me; I just don't know how much. Can you give me feedback? Thanks!

Long scenario! Let's dissect it.

She got there really early and went to the restroom. That's a pretty normal thing to do. We don't know how long you were in there--that is the one detail we don't know. Did she get there 20 minutes early and walked out two minutes before the interview? Yeah, I can understand if someone was little distressed by that.

If you were, shall we say, behaved normally and just spent some time, I don't want to get specific or graphic, I'll simply say completed what you needed to do and then focused your energy on what you need to accomplish and then was surprised by the application, I'm just going to tell you, "Don't sweat it."

This is not something that can cause them to reject you. After all, they may have made a sound or sighed and made a sound like that to indicate their own frustration because wanted to start talking with you because they have an interview after yours.

So what can we can determine? Number one, if you did well on the interview they are not to reject you because you took extra time on the application. I want to say that again. If you actually did well on the interview, they are not going to reject you based upon the extra time to complete the application. They may reject you if you interviewed poorly.

What you want to always be doing is there put yourself in the situation (I know you know this now) but you always assume when you have an in-person interview that there could be a need for them to do an application and, as a result, give yourself time to complete an application

Seven minutes. 10 minutes tops! Although your penmanship should make it legible I never use terms like, "see my resume,"

Just complete the darned application.

But for your situation, I would not sweat. You are not going to be rejected because they got off to a late start.

The last thing, for the future, when you're doing it anin-personn interview, you might just simply say, "Will you need me to complete an application while I'm there?" Then try getting there a few minutes earlier to complete it. Then they'll say, "That's really cool!" or "That's great. We really appreciate it."

So always try to time things in a way where you're going to be taken at the time designated and, for now, don't sweat the scenario.

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