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Someone asked for advice about returning to work after having retired and get out of the labor force for the past 15 years.

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Someone messaged me with a question that I thought I would make the basis for this video. They retired at age 55 and have decided age 70 that they need to return to work. They would like advice about looking for a job.

My simple answer is don't waste your time looking for job. You are just going to get frustrated. 1 of the things that has happened in the 15 years since you retired (this is an IT person and the market has certainly changed in the 15 years since they retired). The way work is done, the knowledge that is expected of someone, is different today than I was 15 years ago.

The result is if you really think you can just find the job where you return to a compensation level like you earning 15 years ago, you are mistaken. It just doesn't work that way. After all, who is going to give someone a job that they haven't done for 15 years. It's like saying you have been imprisoned for 15 years and drive a Formula One sports car. You haven't driven for 15 years. Now will drive the race for us. It is not going to happen. It's the same thing in job hunting.

What can this person do? What can you get involved with that can bring you income? I believe there are things that you have been doing for the past 15 years that really get you excited. Whether you write about them or do videos, or help other people with their concerns, there are things you can do from a knowledge perspective and sharing that knowledge that will serve you and help you make money.

Using, myself for example, I wrote a number of e-books years ago, some of which were about job search, there are a number of other things I'm interested in. So I did a few recipe books. I still make money from them on Amazon for the Kindle platform. You have your version of this where you have material that you can create and sell it on different platforms.

What platforms? I can't go into that right now. There are many different places where we can sell knowledge or creativity online and, from there, monetize that knowledge or skill.

Don't think that what you know or what you are excited about is something that no one else will pay for. Lord knows, there's a whole bunch of stuff that people may mock that other people are making money from. I had my recipe e-books. They are are short little things, maybe 30 pages long that I sell for $2.99 I make money from Kazakh recipes . Like from Kazakhstan. I'm not getting rich from it supplements things I'm doing in other places. I did the work one time in revenue comes from. You can do your version of that.

Looking for the things they can get you excited , that occupied you during the last 15 years where you are retired and looking at ways to monetize it will help you a lot. Don't think you need to figure it out by yourself. There are a lot of organizations and a lot of people who will help you.

1 of the reasons that I say that you are not going to find work is is that giving your age and your absence from the workforce, your network is probably dissipated. Your connection with people you have worked with before has diminished or disappeared. Thus, the most important way of you finding a job has been eliminated for you. Your network is retiring. Your network consists of people you have not had contact with in a long time.

. Yes, you can call them up and say that you're looking for a job but the likelihood of that working is very very very small. Instead, focusing on what can work. It's going to involve effort, but I'm going to tell you point-blank, I think you'll be better off focusing in on your knowledge that you have accumulated over the last 15 years then going out and finding a job.


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