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EP 989 I got an offer from a firm for only a 10% raise and they told me salary would be frozen for the next year and a half. Can I negotiate? How should I do it?

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I got a question through Quora. I’m not going to answer it there because they want me to write everything out and I'm not going to do that but I can at least use this question you know way that's can it helps a lot job hunters. So here is the question I got. I debated about naming the employer, thought I wouldn't do it, but they deserve to get called out. So here’s how it goes: “ I got I got an offer from Amazon with only a 10% hike and with no hike for the next 1.5 years. Can I negotiate and how should I handle this.” That's the question that this is that this person poses of me.

I want you to recognize something. Amazon doesn't care about you. If they did, they would treat you fairly. Now a 10% hike if you are making $200000 is different than 10% a pay raise if you making 40,000. Folks, if you're outside the US, adapt that to your currency so you can see what I'm talking about.

I'll simply say that they don't care., They are a firm that works with algorithms to figure out what their advantage is. An getting you for a year and 1/2 at that pay scale makes sense to them.

So I would say, number 1, recognize their motivation. They try to maintain a cost structure. Number 2 is, yes, you should attempt to negotiate and they may not. Are you prepared to walk away from that hire or that job based upon this scenario? If yes, that gives you all the power in the world. If no, you have no power here because ultimately, you are going to say,, “yes.”.

Here is the way I would it with them. What I would say is, “let's see now. We are at the casino and you are going to give me 10% now but I have to be tolerant of that for the next year and I half. What is my rate is going to be like at that time? Obviously let's work with the assumption I do a spectacular job. What will my raise be like a year and 1/2 from now? Will we negotiate that one, too? Will I have to wait a year and 1/2 without one based upon the model that you guys create? So, I and more comfortable, very simply, I understand you may have a pay freeze and the goal is to delay reviews for year and half and salary increases for a year and ½ but, for me, to do that I'm going get more than a 10% raise. I have to think in terms of 17% to 20%.” I would simply say, start with him 17. They may come in and 15 or they may say, “ sorry, we are not going to do that leaving you with a choice. That's. Why you have to start off with making the choice of whether you would ever say yes to that 10% raise with those conditions.

To Amazon, you are a commodity. You're just 1 of number of dumb people who can sit in the chair and if it's not you, it's going to be someone else. So, the likelihood of them negotiating is going to be real small.

That's why. I say you have to start off with knowing what you do., But, yes,, you damn well negotiate. I don't think, they will negotiate on the year and ½ review because my assumption is that that's now a corporate policy that they are making you aware of. It would be nice if they told you at the beginning, but they didn't. They told you now and I'll simply say start off with 17% - 20%. Settle for 15 because, after all, 10, half of that is 15 . . . Half of that for the next year is 5%.. They may respond by saying, “Oh! If this were an annual review we would only give you 7%.” Again, there is a message in that.

So I'll simply say go for 17% to 20%. Settle for 15 because that's 10 in the for the 1st year and then 5% for the next half year, but start by asking, “So, in a year and 1/2, what's the probability of a raise? You know, if I do a great job. What would it be? . If I do up an above average. What would it be? If I do the average job what would it be? If it’s below-average, you are going to get rid of me. I know that so I've no desire to be below average or average but I just need to hear the numbers.

Start off there because you want to put . . . “Well, it’s going to depend a lot of things.”
“I know it's good depend a lot of things.” So that's how I would play the negotiation. You have to act like you don't care, like it's not the most important thing in the world to you. Because it isn't to them.

Once they know they know that you are hooked in some way, they know they can get you at the back end. You have to be as clinical, as analytical as their data model that tells them that this is a good deal for them and then work from there,


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