Someone asked what I thought . . . are they stalling? I can’t be sure but I interpret as best I can.

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Hi, It's Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. And I got a great question from someone that I want to do a video about. And it basically translates into a situation where someone was . . . they've had multiple phone interviews and an in-person interview for a director role. Terrific.

They received an offer from the C suite professional responsible for the function. It was done verbally, and "Want to get everything going. Sign the papers. Let's get it all in front of the VP so we can bring this in because you are the best person I've ever seen for this kind of role," or words to that effect. That's really good.

So, the candidate thinks for a second and says, "I'd like a day to think about it," which is perfectly reasonable, and came back to him with a counterproposal for $10,000 more. So, the the person the C suite professional says, "I need to get in touch with the VP for the function. And he / she is going to be out until Friday and we'll get back to . . . they'll get back to him on Monday. They haven't gotten back yet. Is this a stall? And, you know, asks for my opinion.

So, I'm assuming this all happen last week, as I'm recording it, its fourth of July week in the United States. Now, number one is, we can't be absolutely certain. I don't know who these people are and how they normally conduct themselves but one thing I found over the course of time, is that most most people at a senior level conduct themselves professionally and unless you have a signal from them, that there's a problem, you probably don't have a problem.

Now, if all of this took place last week and they haven't gotten back and today is Tuesday, I would put a call into them just to say, "I haven't heard from you as of yet in response to my offer. Bring me up to date, you know, because I'm very interested in joining. But I also know I'm not independently wealthy. And frankly, I'd like to be in a situation where, you know, we can improve the financials and I can come on board and be fully committed."

If it's this week, we're talking about and he received the offer yesterday and countered today, well, it is Fourth of July week. They might not be back until Friday, yada yada yada. And the result winds up being, you know, we're dealing with a holiday week. But let's assume it all happen prior to this holiday week. I would pick up the phone call and say, "Just following up, I'm very interested in joining, looking for feedback on my counter proposal. Can you do . . . can you do better?

Now, you can also watch my videos on YouTube about salary negotiation, because I've got a ton there. If you go to, go to the playlist for salary negotiation. There's a lot there that you can work with. But, for now, with this question, I'm going to focus on it being last week and thus, say to you, I'd follow up with a phone call as soon as possible in order to ensure how they respond will be the signal for whether or not they're stalling. And by stalling, what are they stalling for? To bring in other people? I don't know but you'll sense it. You'll hear whether or not they blow smoke at you.

"Ohhh, we need a few more days."

"Out of curiosity, what's supposed to happen over these few more days that's going to be able to tie this up."

They may want you to sweat and causing you to sweat make you sufficiently nervous that you'll jump at their original offer. You have to listen to what's said, what's not said, listen to what's going on between the lines and ask follow up questions for clarification. And, again, listen to what they say and don't say, to really understand.

I hope you found this helpful. I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. If you're interested in my coaching, you reach out to me through LinkedIn at Once we're connected,, message that you're interested in coaching. We'll set up time for a free discovery call.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
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