How to Move on From a Recruiter Without Burning Bridges

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

How would you tell a recruiter that you’d no longer like them to participate in your job hunt? Assuming no job leads have been presented and they’ve asked for 3 professional references. I think is a better way to handle the situation AND I explained how you would asked him to stop representing you.

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How would you tell a recruiter you don’t want them to represent you any longer? I’ve had no job leads. None have been presented to me. They’d asked me for references. I don’t want them representing me any longer. What would you do?

Now I pause for a second and go “Why do you think it has to be them or like it has to be sequential, like one recruiter at a time. I don’t understand that part of it because you can let them go about their business and say, “Look when you have a lead, call me,” and then contact other recruiters if you haven’t already done so. So that’s one approach to this that doesn’t exist within your question that serves you, I think, best.

Now they may not have turned up a lead. You may have contacted a firm that didn’t have anything for you to begin with. You may be too junior, too senior and, thus they have no positions available. Thus the idea of contacting multiple firms in your market that fill positions like yours always makes the most sense. And if you want to do what you’ve asked about, let me explain how to do it?

What you would do is send them an email. “Thanks for your help with my search. I’m not really seeing any results yet.  I think I’d like you to pull back from representing me. I appreciate your support. Please let me know in the future if you might have something for me and we can discuss it.” That simple. Really that simple.

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