How to Write a World-Class LinkedIn Recommendation

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Most LinkedIn recommendations are pretty trite and predictable, contributing little in terms of advocacy to a person’s job search. Claire M. Davis sent a carousel to me that offered the best dang way of writing one I’ve seen.

Remember, give more, get more.

[00:00] Intro
[00:39] Step 1 If X they Y
[01:07] Step 2 Why we love so and so
[01:23] Step 3 Greatest hits
[01:32] Why it mattered
[01:45] Give your blessing
[01:57] Summary
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Asking for Recommendations

Writing a recommendation for someone on LinkedIn should be an easy thing. And it is. But writing a great recommendation for someone is different. I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. People hiring me for no BS coaching and career advice globally. And I saw something from a woman named Claire M. Davis. And I thought it was terrific in terms of how she constructs writing a great recommendation on LinkedIn. So I’m going to read it off my phone, because it’s just a lot easier if I have it right.

And it starts off with the premise of in the field of x, there is y challenge. Now, I’ll give you an example. Or she gives an example. In diagnostic oncology sales, it can be a challenge to quickly absorb and convey data in a way that’s easy for providers and supports staff to understand. So the opening thing is, in much the same way as you doing a STAR story, well, you’re defining what the situation is, right,Recommendations

which is why we love (fill in the blank). Which is why I appreciate so and so’s three data points approach. She absorbed and focused on three main points of the matter, that would matter most to our oncologists.

The third thing is, it was like it was like she created the greatest hits of each study and helped everyone become an expert.

Why it mattered. As Erin’s regional manager, this meant she doubled our business in the West because she created an army of loyal supporters who felt empowered by the data instead of overwhelmed.

Now you give your blessing. I’d highly recommend Erin for companies looking to turn chaotic territories into a loyal fan base by making data relatable and usable.

Now, if you think about this, she’s telling a story in a particular framework. It’s not a difficult framework. It does require a little bit of thought. And in following the language of this, you’ll write great recommendations that will actually help the people you’re trying to recommend instead of being the “Oh, I thought she was wonderful. I thought he was great. He did a terrific job for us,” which says nothing.

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