Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter identifies the real reasons for procrastinating and offers solutions so that you can stop procrastinating.

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Procrastinating isn't just avoiding. It is the notion that you're avoiding something because of self-criticism. You don't think of yourself as being good enough. You don't think that this is really right.

Boulders in your job search will translate into self-imposed barriers most of the time. Obviously there are other barriers that can come up. Mostly, they are self-imposed barriers to taking action because you don't believe in yourself..

Catch that one.

Self-imposed barriers that you place in front of yourself because you don't believe in yourself.

Where did that negative self talk come from ? Why don't you believe in yourself? Is it true?

I had a guest on Job Search Radio not long ago named Chance Taureau who spoke about how most of what we believe in, most of what we do, and pretty much who we are, is the sum of our habits.

If you have a good habit, repeat that habit and you will feel great. Have a bad habit and the habit of negative talk starts to show up.

I want to encourage you to start breaking down that procrastination and start looking at what it is really about. I want to start looking at small wins against that barrier, that boulder, that huge mountain that is in front of you. In this way, you can start having the career that you want and get to the organization that you really want to be in and not just simply take a job because it is a JOB and you need a JOB.

Again, you have to think of your life in the context of the fact that is going to be a lot of years, is good be a lot of time and it is going to be a lot of effort. How do you really want to spend that time? What you really want to be doing? There are always going to be obstacles but how are you going to get those obstacles out of your way quickly by developing new habits that allow you to defeat them.

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