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EP 1693 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses how to manage your job search to avoid wasting time.

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Today, let's talk about how to organize and manage your job search in order to get into production more quickly. To put it in a nutshell, most of the waste a lot of time. I want to get everything consolidated in a good way so that you can get rolling quickly.

Step number 1. Find an old resume. It has a lot of the data that you need from the "antiquities" in order to lay the position or rewrite your resume.

Step number 2. Start writing down updated information about your role, responsibilities, accomplishments, technology utilized if that is appropriate, money saved, money earned. Start to compile that information.

The ideal thing to do to update your resume is to farm it out to affirm that actually does this. What you will receive back is "a core document" or sometimes called "a base document" to work from. You will need to tailor it a little bit for individual jobs that you apply for. But this is the base document that you start with (the one that goes up on job boards and other places).

Step number 3. Make sure your LinkedIn profile shows this stuff so that is congruent with what your resume is saying

Step number 4., In the summary area of your LinkedIn profile. Put your phone number and email address.

"The recruiters will start calling me then!"

Don't you want them calling you? You want them hunting you and not wasting all your time reaching out all the time, right? This is the time to make sure that your phone number and email address are in your profile.

Step number 5. Make sure your LinkedIn profile as well as your resume is SEO optimized. That is, it contains lots of terms that firms are going to look for when they are hunting for someone like you. After all, if your posting on job boards, firms are looking for someone with your background. You want to make sure that your resume and profile are SEO optimized.

Step number 6. Get your resume up on the job boards. Get that done with. Once you get it back from the resume writing service, put it up on the job boards. I'm not just talking about "the majors." Many of you are in disciplines that allow you to use specialty sites.

Step number 7. This is a tricky one because you're going to have to do a number of things concurrently. You need to start practicing what you are going to say and how you're going to say it for phone interviews, in person interviews to talk about your work (for you. Hiring managers who think you have a big gauge because you interview people all the time, trust me. Most of you don't do a great job of interviewing).

I'm going to throw in a commercial here for This is a site where I have a lot of video, podcasts, articles, all my books are there for one low price from. There's a lot of material there. That is going to help you because you need to practice. You need to be more effective. You need to use LinkedIn better than you are doing. That's at

Step number 8. While you are practicing, you need to start networking. A lot of you spend a lot of time studying every ad that you see on the job board. Set up agents to deliver things based upon keywords. Just like the employers do, you didn't need to have agents set up based upon keywords delivering jobs to you.

Will you get a lot of crap? Absolutely. Just delete it. Don't make a fuss out of it. Start looking for things to cover the keywords that you are looking for. Then start tailoring your resume as you start to apply for jobs.

Practice. Practice for interviewing. Practice hard for interviewing. I can't stress this enough because most of you go to interview after interview getting "warmed up."

Meanwhile, you have had 3 or 4 bed interviews. You have a wife, husband, partner were all saying, "Hey! How is it going?". Then, you whine your answer back to them and say something like, "I didn't do a good job. They were so mean to me." You start whining that the employer is the problem when you're the problem. You haven't learned to do your homework yet.

Step number 9. While you are practicing, you have to start networking. You need to be out there networking with people, far more often that you are studying the results from your agents that are set up with the job boards, talking with absolute strangers. Get out to a Chamber of Commerce meeting.

I don't care if you are a senior individual or a junior person or recent college grad, Chamber of Commerce meetings is an underutilized resource for a lot of you. Get to chamber meetings and start networking with people they are.

Go to networking meetings with groups, alumni groups – – there are a lot of different places where you can get out there… And get a business card. They are not expensive anymore. Get a personal business card seeking handed out or get a few apps on your phone that will transmit from one device to another. Don't make the assumption that you can do this with everyone because not everyone has these apps.

While your networking, you want to continue to practice and practice and practice interviewing, tailoring your resume for individual jobs, networking till you're blue in the face and this, now, becomes your job.

If you are working now and deciding to look for a position, this process gets stretched out. You definitely need to hire a resume writer because most of you stink at resume writing.

Hire a resume writer. Get your LinkedIn profile up to date. You can hire someone like me to critique it. Once you get back from the resume writing service but, at the end of the day, outsource a lot of the nonsense, network, practice, go to and sign up. If you have questions during your search, I will answer them for you. That's the key thing about the site. You can ask me questions and get answers back so that you don't make mistakes.

And if you ask yourself, "Why do I have to pay for content," most of you never look for content and you need to get better at job hunting. This is a place where great content is consolidated in one place and you can talk with me and ask questions about your search.

I'm not functioning as a recruiter here. I'm functioning as your coach, answering their questions and I don't have a financial interest in which job you take


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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