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I'll just a simply say, before you cop an attitude about recruiters, be quiet for a second. They’re doing a job; you are doing a job. They are the messenger for employers and I know you don't like the message. You castigate all recruiters as being incompetent because they can’t find you a job. I’ve got it. You think they're all rude because they don't get back to you. I’ve got it. I don't care. This is about the fact that recruiters fill jobs and how do you get along they are radar screen.

So, I want to differentiate. There are agents and there are recruiters. I’m going to treat an agent as being someone who is responding to your resume because you are sending it to them or acting on a resume that you sent to them versus a recruiter who's out there aggressively looking for people and, as such, if you send them a resume, it is completely irrelevant to them. They are doing searches for particular jobs. Your sending your resume to them, just because you want to send a resume to them and they don't care. You’re a waste of their time. Got it?

So, let me make it clear. Recruiters are out there trying to find people who are not aggressively looking for work. So, they are not searching job boards and not responding to resumes that are just sent in out of the blue. They're looking for particular types of “pedigrees” and “skill sets” that fit a particular client of theirs and throwing a resume over the transom to them like a hand grenade . . . “Hi! Incoming resume,” and expecting them to respond is a waste of everyone's time. That’s because they don't care that you are out there looking for a job. They’re trying fill a position.

So, how do you find these firms that are out there doing search and they are searching, they are not collecting lots of stuff? So, (#1) you want to become visible. Yes, we could start with talking them. About your LinkedIn profile, but that's really a minor thing to them. You want to be taking on visible roles within an organization. Big projects. Have huge opportunities because that's can create visibility. People will talk about you. That's one way.

You want to write articles for trade publications, perhaps an article on LinkedIn although a trade publication is far superior to LinkedIn. You want to give presentations at conferences. Those presentations often wind up as part of a Google search so they are finding you on the web.

You want to be active in trade and professional associations and be an expert source for the media. You you are starting to roll your eyes, I’m sure, but, I will tell you, media is looking for people that present well and who are knowledgeable in their field. Let me use myself as an example.

I obviously host podcasts, I do video for YouTube, but that wouldn't be enough. I'm starting to appear on other people shows, a guest on podcasts, doing radio interviews. I'm writing columns for other publications, other than my own blog.

So, being an expert.

How do you do that?

You subscribe to a service like HARO. Help A Reporter Out. You can also look at a site like radioguest There wills try to upsell you on a premium package but initially just take a look and see what's available to you as a regular subscriber for free.

I want you to be active in your community. Maybe, serve as a guest lecturer or an adjunct at a university or community college. Teach a course online. Develop your presence. I mentioned LinkedIn, but don't neglect Twitter and Facebook. There are groups on Facebook, for example, that you can join that relates your profession.

You can develop your own website or blog that demonstrate your thought leadership. Make sure that you SEO optimize it. The same with your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile has to be SEO optimized which translates into one of the search terms that someone might used to find someone like you.

All of this is going to help recruiters find you so that, when they have an opportunity available, there is going to be a knock on your email door or a phone call where they say, “Hi! I am so and so. I'm doing a search for a client and would like to talk with you. Can I get 15 minutes with you or can we schedule a time to speak where you can speak freely because I would like to talk with you about position or see if you might be able to help me?”

Stop being a jerk and hanging up on these people because you don't know what the opportunity is like until you start listening. Listen first because the person who gets ahead isn't always the smartest, they don’t always work the hardest (although those are great qualities to have). People get ahead by being alert to opportunities. Sometimes, those are internal to their organization. More often than not, they are external.

So, keep your eyes and ears open win recruiters reach out to you. Follow this advice and I am sure they will.


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