How to Find Meaningful Work | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

EP 2227 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains a process that will help you determine what meaningful work would be for you.


How to Find Meaningful Work | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

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episode 2227
of no bs job search advice radio i'm
jeff alton the big game here and welcome
to thursday
thursday's one of my favorite days i'm
gonna tell you
you know i generally find it's been
thursdays have been really productive
for me for years and i hope you find it
that way too
today's show is one where i talk about
finding meaningful work
i'll let you define what that is for
yourself but this is a show about how to
find it
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now if you're out aggressively looking
for a position
it's unlikely that you're going to find
quote the meaningful work
right away you're probably still sorting
out what you want to be doing and that's
really what i want to address here
so the process of sorting it out
now to me
when you begin this process you're going
to engage in something that's going to
not one week not one day not one month
it may take a long much longer period of
time to figure it out
and it's really something that requires
you to have some introspection it's not
something that suddenly it's unlikely
it's going to be something that
instantly pops into your mind
and is correct and not only is
you know the notion of
meaningful work hard to figure out
but you also have to figure out
what excites you in that meaningful work
society at large will pay enough money
for you to engage in it
so for example
i'm just going to use this
as an ordinary sample
you know you can say to yourself you
know i want to i'm here making
i want to do meaningful work that pays
me a hundred thousand dollars a year
and that's great
but if you choose in your next career to
pump gas because you think that's more
meaningful than making sandwiches it's
unlikely that you're going to be earning
100 000 a year that kind of makes sense
so the goal is to figure out
where you have your passion
what has meaning to you and how that
with what society needs and will pay you
adequately for it i always hate to bring
money into it
and you can become a monk and that would
be wonderful
you can go into retreat you can spend
time meditating
doing yoga however your practice is that
would be meaningful to you and that's
if that isn't your thing if you want to
be working in the world at large you're
going to have to find that intersection
passion and
world's need as my my friend reverend dr
brian ammon says
where those all three of those intersect
and that's going to take you some time
don't rush into this process
take time to sort it out
you might just start off by
you know what got you excited when you
were young
where was the thing that started to get
you thinking in this way what touched
you inside
at a very deep level that made you start
to notice that this was something that
had importance to you now some people
for some individuals this video is
completely irrelevant they are happy
doing the kind of work that they're
doing again that's wonderful no harm no
my goal here is to ensure that those of
you who have a desire for more
meaningful work have a model for doing
it so again start off by
committing yourself
three months
for three months period of time start
jotting down and journaling with
yourself about the things that you like
and what you currently do
and the three and start thinking about
what touched you when you were young
made you interested in quote meaningful
and in doing that
you're going to surface up some feelings
and emotions and thoughts and i want you
to explore those and talk with others
about them
and don't rush into it as you start to
get ideas of what that work might be
start talking to people who are engaged
in that work you can find them on
linkedin you can google them there's a
lot of different ways that you can
connect with them and if they're not in
your city there's this thing called the
telephone and skype
call someone up and ask them for advice
clergy are wonderful examples of people
that you can reach out to
who can touch you in ways
and connect with you in ways that as a
recruiter it's unusual to be able to do
i think i'm skilled at it and could be
of help but at the end of the day you
have to find that intersection with your
your goal for purpose
what the world needs in order to move
forward and again that's going to take
some time
i'm jeff altman hope
so that's today's show i hope you found
it helpful and if you did here are a few
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way when you're ready to go you have a
way of getting back to my website
hope you have a terrific day and most
be great


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