How to Find a Job With a Startup: Networking

How to Find a Job With a Startup: Networking

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

You should try to get connected to the top leaders of startups. Crunchbase is not free and lets you search for startup jobs. The same is true with You can also check out LinkedIn to find alumni. Career services offices at some schools can also help you connect with alumni. Startups tend to hire from inside their own networks. Often, people who are familiar with the company have contacts, so try to be as open as possible about your interests.

Try connecting to board members or advisors for current start-ups. If you’re involved with the startup community, you’ll want to become known as a great resource. Networking to find a job with a startup will require some research on your part. Contact people to schedule informational interviews. But don’t waste much time on networking events. Focus on a few contacts and do research first.

The process of networking can be intimidating at first, but it’s also rewarding and could lead to a life-changing opportunity. Be sure to put yourself in the position to showcase your strengths. Once you’ve made contact with a few startup founders, you can pitch your services. Using your network and network connectors can help you get the best job possible.

A bachelor’s or associate’s degree in a relevant field can prove valuable for some positions and unnecessary for others. As you build your network, you will also meet more people and increase your chances of getting hired. For instance, you can reach out to former coworkers, family members, and friends for job opportunities. You can also try professional websites to connect with the right people.

While networking to find a job with a startup is a great way to connect with new people, it’s crucial to maintain your existing network. You can also join professional organizations or read relevant journals to build your network.

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