EP 1802 Job hunting is like dating. You go on dates and get rejection from people you care about. You try to get jobs and you get rejected, too.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm the head coach for JobSearchCoachingHQ.com and . NoBSCoachingAdvice.com and I host all the shows on JobSearchTV.
Now, I wanted to talk with you about dealing with rejection in your job search and, as I've said many times, interviewing, looking for work is very much like going on blind dates. You talk to people. Engage in conversation, your heart opens up and, at times you're going to get squashed. Unfortunately, the same thing is true in job search whether that's your resume doesn't get a response from an employer, whether you're dealing with someone who, shall we say, the recruiter who doesn't submit your resume, whether you go on an interview and you think you've nailed it and nothing comes back or ,you know, you get the feedback "too light."
Whatever it is, It's very much like a dating situation where you've opened up. You really really care and now. . . Rejection. How do you deal with it?
The first thing is to remember that, like life, in general,there's going to be rejection in the process. Not everyone likes you ,right? And I'll simply say that if you're in a situation where ,you know, you suddenly get a rejection ,where you think you've done great and suddenly, you're getting the turn down,the first thing to remember is to do a quick mental review.
Were there any signals that you received in the interview?
Were there any signals from the recruiter to suggest that you didn't do well or that they were some deficiency?
So, with that mental scan, because that's really going to be your learning starts off with that, from there, I would suggest reaching out to the organization, could be a recruiter which is the ideal situation. You contact the recruiter and say, "hey, look. You made the decision not to submit me. You've made the decision that I'm not right for this job. Any feedback that you can give me? I want to be clear,I'm not here to get into an argument with you. I want to learn how you evaluate. I want to learn what you looked that made you say, " no."
Then, you listen casually; you don't get into arguments. You listen. You learn from that because what it tells you tells me is that if you got turned down and you have the actual experience,maybe you didn't really make a strong case, that you didn't present your knowledge around that subject well, and then you really need to practice your interviewing because, if you legitimately have the expertise, then you could have sold it better.
So I'm putting the. back on you again to learn from this. Now, this may hurt to hear but it's really part of your growth professionally is to learn how others are receiving the information that you our sharing.Got it?
Then, from there, if you if you have to lick your wounds,go lick your wounds. And one of the things that you can do in doing that is reach out to people toreview situations where you have people who love and support you andreally care about you and say, "you know, I'm hurting today. I got turned down for a job I really wanted to get my feet. They won't even submit me or I got turned down for a job today. I interviewed with them four time and they chose someone else. Help!" And taking the support to let them buy you lunch,let them take you for coffee, let them listen and give you some some words of support.
Next thing. I'll suggest is put yourself in the situation of reviewing your successes because you got to get out there again, and you've got to do it fast. Being in the cave, being in your home or apartment, you know, going, " oh, whoa, is me," isn't going to help you get to the next rolr. You have to get out there as quickly as you can, having let your wounds, having obtained support ,having looked for stuff that will nurture you again.
And, then, get out there and start networking some more, talking to more recruiters, reaching out to friends for suggestions of organizations that you ought to be in contact with, doing all the things that you've been doing up until this point successfully while, at the same time, improving the way you present yourself so that If you are in the situation where you got turned down despite having the experience, you're able to tell your story more effectively.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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