EP 1058 I discussed another step in your journey to change careers… This one is focused on you and the life that you want to live.

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This is part 4 in my series about changing careers. I hope some things had been percolating so far but, if not go back and dig deeper. The idea behind all of this is to get clear about some things that you are weighing about what's going to be important to you in your career ending your life.

Your life is the next part of this because we can't partialize or divide work and life as distinctly as some think we should. How is that working for you to make those different things? 

I think that is all part of the same thing which is the life that you live. So I'm going to invite you to look at a few different things today and, again, as always, I want you taking down notes and spending time with this.

The 1st thing I want you to look at is your health. How are you physically at this point? I said in other places that one day I woke up and, try though I might, my weight got away from me. One day I woke up and weight and saw numbers on the scale that I never seen before

I have been working on my health, working with the trainer and that's become really important to me… To get my health in shape and be fit. As a matter of fact, this morning I had the pleasure of my wife say I look younger!

What kind of environment do I want to live in? Is it an urban area? Is it a rural area?

If it is urban, what type of neighborhood? Where is your ideal place to live in the world? After all, these days, people can do work from a lot of places in the world.

What kind of income do you need?

What you need to support yourself and your family?

What kind of goals do you have for your future?

Is your family important to you? I'm not just speaking about your immediate family. I'm speaking about your extended family. Aging parents, for example or maybe you are the aging parent and you want to be closer to your kids. How does that fit in? Do you need to have some flexibility in order to spend time with them? Do you need time to go to the kids soccer games?

What sort of personal development goals do you have? We tend to focus on work so much that we tend to forget that we can be students in our lives, too. For us to really excel, we need to learn and grow in order to master our circumstances.

These are all things you need to sit down and think about. Take at least an hour with this. Seriously. Minimally, an hour with this exercise. Learn your lessons from it and apply it to your life.


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