How to Announce on LinkedIn You Were Laid Off

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Daniel Space, Dan from HR on TikTok, an HR Business partner, wrote a terrific post with advice for how to announce on LinkedIn you were laid off and provide a call to action for people to know to help you. BTW, I interviewed Daniel for a video called, “Myths About HR and Negotiating Better.” You can watch the interview here:

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The First Things to Do If You Are Laid Off

Hi I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and we’re gonna be talking about how to announce you were laid off on LinkedIn. I’m speaking from the space of being a former recruiter who now provides no BS coaching and career advice to people globally.

And I spotted something on LinkedIn that I thought was terrific and credit goes to Daniel Space, who is an HR business partner and consultant. He’s very good on TikTok and don’t hold that against them. If you’re older, you think TikTok is imbecilic. Not his stuff. His stuff is extremely good. And he spoke on LinkedIn about using LinkedIn after a layoff.

And he basically said, you know, the traditional posts are poorly done because the headline isn’t optimized. People write this warm, heartfelt message sharing their shock, fear, and anger, thanking their co-workers, bosses, friends, and favorite baristas. And a call to action is not particularly specific, or it’s vague. Like, if you know, guys, if you know guys have any marketing roles, let me know. He’s right. And I want to get again give Daniel Space credit. He suggests a couple of approaches. And I think the ideal one is two posts.

One is the traditional heartfelt one where someone might write, ‘unfortunately, I was one of the people that were let go today,’ and I’m reading from his post. So I give credit to Daniel. ‘I’m so devastated but grateful for the opportunity. And I know life will take care of itself. I want to give a special shout-out to Anna Banana, Susanna and their boss, Hannah for all of the support, love and, and life. laugh and love coffee, yada yada, yada. If anyone knows any roles in compensation, let me know’.

So that’s one. And then version two is ‘I’m looking for my next opportunity as a senior compensation analyst or compensation manager. I have six years of experience with reviewing market data, research, building salary, bands, and leading processes for 1000+ employee populations. Most of my experience has been in manufacturing, but I’m very open to tech or entertainment. I can be local, hybrid in the Miami area, or full-time remote nationwide. Please tag share or forward any compensation recruiters or hiring managers that you may have in your network. Thank you.

Do you notice the difference? One is very clear about what you can do and where you’d work and the kind of role you’d be interested in. The other one is, you know, the heartfelt sad story, which is fine. But if you feel compelled to share that story, do it but not in the email or not in the post where you talk about what it is you’re looking for because no one’s going to get past the heartfelt stuff to get to that. And if you do it, the other way around, you obviously want to communicate how hurt you are. They’re never going to get to that so you’re not going to get the empathetic messages. So again, credit to Daniel Space that’s S-P-A-C-E.

Staying Relevant

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When You’ve Been Made Redundant, Fired, Laid Off, RIF’d


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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