There is working need to do to be ready for an interview. I walk you through basic preparation and then direct you to another one of my videos, “The Ultimate Job Interview Framework” . It is a live video of a presentation I did to a Meetup in Austin.

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I'm Jeff Hopp in the day game hunter I'm the coach who helps people
professionally in a number of different ways. It can be help with job search,
hiring more effectively, managing and leading, workplace related issues, a whole
host of different things designed to help you be more effective how do you
prepare for an interview I've looked at a couple of points so excuse me for
referring to it and I'll just simply throw up by saying what's the job that
they want to talk with you about your job is to understand what their needs
are and to connect the dots for them not make them draw it out of you the more
they work the more they think that you don't really have the background make it
easy for them so you have to understand the job description and with that
perhaps, even go so far as to ask them "so what was it in my background that
interested you about this vis a vis this role? What prompted you to reach out wait
You forwarded a resume." "But you don't respond to every resume, right? What did you pick up
from my resume that made it worthwhile?" Why do I say this? Just what friends are
completely accurate you want to hear their thinking you don't want to make
assumptions I know you've heard the definition of what an assumption is so
I'm not gonna repeat it I'll just simply say find out with something
next thing is look at the LinkedIn profile of the person who's gonna be
interviewing you in person or over the phone see what their background is
because you're going to conduct a different interview if this person is a
screener in HR versus a hiring manager versus their boss, right? So you won't
understand the background of that person because you can tailor your answers to
the expertise that this person might have and then from there I want you to
review your resume and ask yourself this question if you were them trying to
interview you, based upon what you've been told about
the job and their interests what would they want to find out about you and this
way you can prepare for predictable questions that they might ask in order
to confirm their knowledge. Next thing I'll say is prepare three
stories that demonstrates your fit. Now, if you're a junior person, the STAR
format situation will task action result manager or above situation objective
action result not radically different but accomplishes the same thing but it's
more level appropriate if you have trouble remembering these things problem
action, result--PAR. So format three stories. All your answers should go no
more than a minute 15 So this you have to practice
that's the last point I wanna make you want to practice answering predictable
questions so if you keep your answers to a minute and 15 seconds in length I know
it doesn't sound like a long time but it's a lot longer than you think just
practice doing it and you'll get better results. Lastly watch my video--The Ultimate Job
Interview Framework on YouTube. So my channel is at and it will
take you to my channel and then from there look for a video or search for
video call The Ultimate Job Interview Framework. It's a little less than an hour. It'll
help you get ready for the questions.. Hope you have a great day and be great!


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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