How Much Talking During an Interview Is Too Much? 

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

What are illegal interview questions? That’s what I cover in this video.

I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I coach people. It’s around area of work– finding work hiring better managing leading more effectively even workplace
issues. And someone asked me, “how much talking during an interview is too much?”

It’s Not Always What You Know But Who You Know
Wow so here’s my thinking about interviewing and what works and what doesn’t work. Obviously, you need to answer the question that’s being posed of you but remember who the audience is and what their attention span is. What I found is that what we start going over a minute on an answer we’re starting to tread on dangerous turf. And when you get past the
minute 15, you have clearly crossed over into mental channel-surfing territory. After all, we live in a time where there’s really limited attention span and, thus, when you start getting over a minute 15, they’re starting to drift, They may not hear everything you say because you’re not voice trained. You don’t necessarily have the way of drawing people in or the
style to keep people engaged for a long period of time your job is to keep their interest levels high. listening to you, understanding how your answer solves their problem.

Everything that you’re doing is designed to do that, right?  You should be only talking about things that answer their question which in some way shape or form, ties the bow to the original job description or what you’ve learned, the better during the interview.

When all is said and done, a minute 15 Max! That’s the top! Ideally closer to a minute and you should never go so short as to be 20 seconds. Way too brief unless the rest are yes/no answers and even then if you say no, you want to elaborate upon if you say yes. you want to elaborate upon okay.

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