It is incredibly easy for an employer to check you out beyond your resume. I show you how easy it is with one Chrome extension.

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I want to take a minute and, if you use Google Chrome, I want you to download an extension called Prophet. When you use Prophet, if you go to your LinkedIn page, what it will do, if you go to twitter, if you go to a number of other places, and click the top arrow they will be toward the top right of your screen, you will see what employers are able to find out about you online.

They will see your the profiles and accounts online. Sometimes there are errors , but generally they can find your email address, sometimes your phone number, they can see all the social networks that you associate with.

The reason I bring this up is that things are different than they were 5 or 6 years ago. Firms are doing far more reconnaissance online before meeting someone. Part of the way they craft job offers is by getting a flavor for who you are and what your background is. They are doing this, not just simply from the interview, but, shall we say, from "a holistic perspective. They are trying to get an overview of who you are.

It's Wally, for so long, you have been discouraged from putting up "the drunk frat picture" or political statements. That's because, if you are looking for work at some point in your future, these can all be found, even if you deleted them. They will live on some server somewhere. Is that really what you want to risk?

Of course you can turn around and say, "Well, if they are going to look at me that way, to hell with them!"

Really. You want to make that decision now for 2 years from now or 5 years from now when you work so hard to get a job offer, only to have someone else chosen because they look at the big picture of your life and/or career, and that has given them cause for pause.

Seriously, be conscious of your footprint online. I'm not just speaking of recent grads; I'm speaking to everyone here. Be conscious of your online footprint because you never know who's going to be looking at it; on LinkedIn, you can know who is looked at it, but on most other sites you are not going to have the ability to know who has looked at your page. Who has looked at your twitter feed, who has looked at your Facebook page, who has looked at all these other accounts that you have because there are many Chrome extensions that will reveal this information to them.

Again, is this really what you want? Do you really want to find out that you've lost that opportunity based upon something stupid or controversial you set a long time ago?

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