It is absolutely bizarre to me that someone would ask this question. Yet there I was, and I need to answer it.

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I received this question from someone and I just shake my head when I read it. The question is, “How do you treat bad recruiter?”

I don't know what this person means by, “bad recruiter.” I normally associate people's thinking of a bad recruiter as someone who doesn't get them an interview, who doesn't get them a job or doesn't return phone calls, etc. etc.

I know there are people who thought of me is a bad recruiter and I thought of them as bad candidates, but I digress for a second. I will simply say I don't know what a bad recruiter it is. If it's one of the above categories, maybe you play a part in this. Maybe you submitted a resume that doesn't fit a job. Maybe they wouldn't submit you to a job that you really wanted to be submitted to because you weren’t qualified but you think of them as “bad” because they didn't listen to you. .

You see, you don't pay most recruiters anything. Unless you're in a a lower echelon position, fees are being paid by employers. Recruiters work for the employer; they don’t work for you.

If they were rude to you, if they were abrupt with you, I always ask, “Wasn't there something that you did to invoke that.” Maybe they had a bad day. Whatever It is, the question is, “how do you treat a bad recruiter?”

Get your parents teach anything about manners? They may be obnoxious, but that doesn't mean that you have to go there. And I'll simply say that, for most individuals, It's far better to think long term. And I will just remind you that, for someone like me who worked in search for more than 40 years, I had a long memory. I remembered a lot of things that people said and did that have become the basis for some other videos and podcasts I've done. And there were people, I would not submit, for jobs because, they were just obnoxious I couldn't tell how they would act with the client of mine. .

So, you're always far better to simply, say, “Hey look, I am not interested in making a job change right, but stay in touch from time to time, if you hear about something because, after all, (I am going to detour here for a second) the person who gets ahead isn't always the smartest or work, although those are great qualities to have. The person who gets ahead is the one that remains alert to opportunities. Sometimes, those opportunities are internal to the organization. More often than not, they are external to it.

So, you never want to be offensive to a recruiter because you never know when they learn about a position and want to consider you for search. Why would you turn them off?

Again, I don't believe you need to go job hunting with recruiters, but if someone approaches you about a role, why would you ever be offensive to them? Why would you ever consider that you should treat them in any other way than with the same respect that you want to be treated?
It's bizarre to me that people actually think that this is a question that requires any sort of you. You treat everyone in your life with respect. You demonstrate excellence in your behavior and, lo and behold, great stuff comes back to you.


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