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During an interview, how do you rattle the candidate out of his comfort zone a bit and see how he handles the scenario?

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this is Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter.. I'm back with more No BS Hiring Advice.
it's designed to help you in one way or another job search hiring more
effectively, managing and leading-- you know replaced with latex stuff someone
asked me a question during an interview how do you rattle the candidate out of
his/her comfort zone a bit and see how they handle the scenario?" Great question.
Let me give you my answer. You don't. Why do you want to rattle the candidate? For
sport you say you want to see how they handle this scenario why don't you just
ask them about a previous situation where they did that? Too many people
think that you're supposed to play games with people and with their attitudes
personalities test them out it's the theory behind some of the hedge fund
brain teaser questions that are just absolutely insane like how much money do
I have in my pocket. Okay, and you need to know that because you want to see how
you freak the person out and how they respond to that that's conceptually what
it's about . . . But what's the point?. Seriously, what's the point? You were so
much better off being in a situation where you just asked someone about
previous instances and then verify game playing is unnecessary you just need to
be honest with folks and tell them what they're stepping into if you really have
a chaotic situation why don't you just tell them you have a chaotic situation
instead of having to go through this game seriously hiring people doesn't
have to be complicated you make it more complicated using this kind of a game is
another one of those dumb instances where companies think that this is the
smart way to do it. It isn't. I'm Jeff. Altman. Visit my website
where there is much more that'll help you with hiring, jobs, social
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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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