People join companies and it is the best day of their life. There is hope and optimism and then you crush it. When you track them to your firm what you do is convey an opportunity and make them feel great. Happy you do better?

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter I worked as a professional recruiter for
more than 40 years, filled 1200 plus full-time positions plus consulting
assignments and now I coach people. You know most of you do a pretty lousy job
of advertising for your positions you run a job ad have you ever read your ads
and imagined yourself on the listening side of the reading side of that
situation I say the listening side but sometimes you use recruiters to recruit
for you and they basically parrot the lines in the job description.
If you're reading those ads is there any life in them or are they just a list of skills
and functions. I was reading. Seth Godin's book. If you don't know Seth,
he's one of the great marketing minds in the West and has been for a long time
and he has a line on the back cover of the book that I think is wonderful
"People like us do things like this." What do the people in your organization do
that makes them distinct and a tight group and you can just think in terms of
your team. If you're a manager what makes you guys special? "We're hungry." Okay. "We're
looking for hungry individuals who have a knowledge of such-and-such we're
working on something that's important to our organization. Now, if
you're not working on anything that's particularly interviewing about intial
you've got "a drone job." You know, it's the modern version of clerical
work it's necessary and obviously you can't dress it up but I want you to
remember something. Employee engagement in the United States is approximately
32% and it has been for a long time which given all that we know
about workforce management, nothing's changed in the last ten years.
and I know in the rest of the world that's even lowered but thirty two
percent one out of three workers is actively engaged in a positive way and
the rest are either actively opposed to what you're doing or neutral. That's
it. And so many are opposed! Maybe you could
start over thinking of them for a second and having your managers think of what
they can do to create a great feeling in the group and not just simply
robotically do tasks. Task is important obviously but engaging the heart in the
importance of the task helps them do it better and care and that's what creates
engagement. I'm Jeff Alton hope you found this
helpful. My website is go to the site go
exploring. There is much more there that'll help you with
hiring more effectively, managing and leading, job search a host of different
things and if you're interested in one-on-one coaching you can connect with
me through the site. I'd love to help you. And if you want to subscribe to my
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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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